depressed fracture

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fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in

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Compound depressed fractures of the skull involving the superior longitudinal sinus.
The risk of the depressed fracture from pin fixation has to be balanced by the benefits of rigid fixation, and the risks of using other head rests, especially for prolonged operations, where there is a risk of skin damage by pressure from a headrest, such as a horseshoe headrest.
In rushi's postmortem reports, line fracture was mentioned, while if a person, as per expert's opinion, was hit with golf club, depressed fracture would only come out," the defence lawyer argued.
He had a depressed fracture of the sKull with fragments of bone pressing on his brain for which he needed surgery.
Sandaza was forced to undergo emergency surgery on Thursday and will spend four months on the sidelines after suffering a fractured eye socket, a depressed fracture of his skull and a broken nose.
Examination revealed a deeply depressed fracture on the inferior aspect of the right parietal.
He is now recovering at home from a complex depressed fracture which caused his skull to penetrate his brain.
Evaluation of the CT images revealed a depressed fracture of the right region of the splanchnocranium, including frontal, postorbital, and parietal bones as well as intracerebral hemorrhage (Figure 1 & 2).
One of the blows to the crown had caused a depressed fracture which had impacted on the brain.
She galloped back to Ron Hodges' yard but, on the way, hit a parked car that had its bonnet up, sustaining a depressed fracture of the skull and severe damage to both front legs and her near-hind fetlock joint.
You hit Mr Simpson three or four times with that metal bar in the left side of his head, that caused him a depressed fracture of the skull and a temporary, but long term temporary loss of speech.
He lost more than his consciousness at the Madejski Stadium, when Stephen Hunt's boot left him with a depressed fracture of the skull.
Orr got a depressed fracture of the cheekbone in a clash of heads with Barmby some 20 minutes earlier.
But a scramble on the edge of his own box just before the interval saw Ferguson rushed to hospital with a depressed fracture of the cheekbone.
A hospital spokeswoman said Tutor was admitted for surgery for a depressed fracture of the skull.