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Synonyms for depredation

Synonyms for depredation

an act of plundering and pillaging and marauding

(usually plural) a destructive action

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Depredation of experimental nests was significantly more frequent in the urban environment than in the rural, natural habitat (G = 29.
The three were convicted in 2013 of the sabotage and depredation of property counts, and were sentenced in February 2014 to 35 months on each count, to be served concurrently.
Killing deer is not the only alternative to forestalling Lyme disease, traffic accidents and forest depredation.
The use of defensive behaviors to avoid depredation can increase an animal's chances of survival.
Agriculture Canada's experiment has had a goose depredation problem recently, causing an estimated $250,000 in damage to various crops.
The calf's panicked trumpeting drew the attention of the Forest Department's elephant anti- depredation team, who mounted a rescue operation.
1), local moose-vehicle collisions and crop depredation warranted further remediation.
In June, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus and ranking member Chuck Grassley filed Senate Bill 3513, "The Bonus Depredation Extension to Create Jobs Act," to again extend that relief through 2010.
Agricultural Depredation Order for Resident Canada Geese being offered again in Virginia for 2010
He single-handedly led an out-of-cycle rewrite of the wing's BWASH plan, significantly upgrading key elements of the depredation and migratory impact sections.
Though Spitzer strains to avoid being labeled "populist," all of his crackdowns--whether on people committing financial fraud, unfair labor practices or environmental violations--are animated by a traditionally liberal impulse to level the playing field for small investors, workers, and those subject to excessive environmental depredation, among others.
One study in Texas concluded that coyote depredation of deer decreased in direct proportion to the amount of available cover.
Abstract--We documented depredation by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Florida king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) troll fishery.
The depredation of EU fishing grounds, 80% of which are in British waters, has gone on unchecked for 34 years, during which hundreds of millions of tons of dead fish have been wantonly discarded.
This collection of articles describes research efforts designed to help support marine mammal science and conservation, including bycatch and depredation, indirect fishery interactions, the role of infectious disease in influencing status and trends, contaminants, harmful algae blooms, anthropogenic sound, assessing and managing habitat in the US, long-term environmental change, identifying units to conserve, adapting regulatory protection to cope with future change, and future directions in research.