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to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

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The permit authorizes the landowner to enlist the aid of licensed hunters who are not associated with the farm to come on the property and harvest depredating deer.
During the time that the wolf was listed as endangered in Minnesota, depredating wolves were trapped and moved to other areas.
1994), as well as on seabirds by depredating their eggs and juveniles (Harris 1967, 1968; Key and Munoz 1994; Wanless et al.
Within detection treatments, we observed that a larger proportion of nests monitored with both cameras and plasticine eggs hatched, suggesting that the combination of treatments may have decreased likelihood of a predator depredating a nest in accordance with the report by Richardson et al.
This increase in pinniped populations has resulted in an increase in the number of reports of pinnipeds interacting with fishing boats and depredating the catch in fisheries along the West Coast (Beeson and Hanan (1); NMFS (2)).
Several methods, including livestock confinement, disposal of livestock carcasses, herders, fencing, frightening devices, trapping, snaring, sodium cyanide ejectors, "denning" (locating the dens of depredating coyotes and killing the pups and/or adults), aerial hunting, ground shooting, hunting with decoy dogs, livestock protection collars, and poison baits have been used to reduce predation on livestock (Andelt 1996).
Because private landowners are able to manage their property in the face of wolf's presence and deal with depredating wolves themselves, many landowners have become partners with the FWS and are allowing wolves onto their property.
Inspection of the remote camera images identified a Peregrine Falcon directly depredating nests 1 and 3 (Fig.
We report on two separate incidents of red-tailed hawks depredating other raptor species on San Clemente Island.
On 21 July 2012 while videotaping the nest of a white male X tan female pair (see Tuttle 2003) adjacent to a beaver pond, a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk was recorded partially depredating a nest, removing one of the three nestlings.
This omnivorous species is an avid nest predator, and has been observed depredating bullfinch nests (Arendt 2006).
as potential nest predators of Cerulean Warblers in Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ontario, Canada; Boves and Buehler (2012) observed Blue Jays and eastern chipmunks (Tamius striatus) depredating Cerulean Warbler nests in Tennessee.
Herein, we report on four observations of reintroduced Whooping Cranes depredating turtles (Testudinidae), a previously unrecorded prey item for the species.
Species depredating Black-capped Vireo nests most often were Brown-headed Cowbirds (n = 4) and snakes (n = 4); however, Brown-headed Cowbirds were only recorded depredating nests in 2009.