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Humor and laughter in Austen's letters connect us to her and to one another, as whiners, as depreciators, as gossipers, as well as lovers of the way words make us laugh--and especially so when those words are Jane Austen's.
AFTER totting up the cost of running its 97,000-strong fleet, Lex Vehicle Leasing has calculated that for the second year running the lowest depreciator is the Porsche Boxster, worth a commendable 57 per cent of its original cost after three years and 60,000 miles.
Morgans are slow depreciators, too, along with Rolls-Royce's monster Phantom.
According to Used Car Expert, Mitsubishi and Jeep are among the worst 4x4 depreciators while Land Rover and Range Rover are among the best.
According to the Used Car Expert depreciation index, one of the lightest depreciators among nearly new city car is the trendy Fiat 500.
According to the Used Car Expert depreciation index, one of the lightest nearly new city car depreciators is the trendy Fiat 500.
Coupes and convertibles claim six places in the top 10 list of slowest depreciators and the residual values of these cars will typically far outperform those of more practical saloons and hatchbacks.
Undeniably, however, one of the strongest depreciators of the matriarch's integral status in First Nations societies occurred as a result of the imposition of European family models:
The slowest depreciators include the New Mini (stilla ``must have'' model), theNissan 350Z,Volvo XC90,Smart Pure,Toyota RAV-4,Mercedes E-Class diesel,Seat Alhambra, Porsche Boxster,Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf.