depreciation rate

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the rate at which the value of property is reduced

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The tax-related cash flow effect will be realized at the tax depreciation rate of 20 percent, regardless of the timing of the reversal of the DTL balance.
Condition (9) is equivalent to that obtained in Auernheimer [1986] for the optimal depreciation rate in the industry.
If true, the depreciation rate will be underestimated, especially if the data include few recent reentrants.
They were cost of repair (Cost Index), frequency of repair (Trouble Index), miles per gallon, weight, and depreciation rate.
In the first instance, the model ties down a priori the long-run response of investment to a change in the real rate of interest: The capital stock and, consequently, long-run investment rise by 1 percent for a 1 percent decline in the cost of capital (based on an estimated elasticity of substitution equal to one); and the percentage decline in the cost of capital for a given percentage decline in the rate of interest varies inversely with the depreciation rate of capital.
The tax rate, depreciation rate, and debt finance effects on the market allocation of land are found in the usual way.
Generally, commercial clients prefer to avoid paying taxes as soon as possible which makes the new first year 100% depreciation rate, that creates a shorter depreciation schedule, more attractive to corporations by allowing them to claim their tax savings sooner.
The depreciation rate of house i at age a, measured as the percentage change in the price of the house due to one unit change in its age, is obtained from 100 x [?
For each asset, user costs equal the nominal rate of return to the asset minus its price change, plus the depreciation rate and the rate of taxation on the asset.
Under commonly used methods of constructing user costs, the only element that is specific to the asset is the depreciation rate.
This error occurs because the latter part of the depreciation rate equation becomes zero, yielding a depreciation rate of 100%.
Selling depreciable assets to an associated party may lead to restrictions being placed on the purchaser's ability to maximise the depreciation rate and the amount of depreciation claimed.
This depreciation rate Hill reduce the taxpayer's basis in the automobile.
This equates to almost pounds 70,000 a year, of which about pounds 100,000 disappears in the first year, which is a depreciation rate of pounds 2,000 a week from the moment that the car swaggers off the forecourt.
The product portfolio has strengthened and decreasing investments in recent years have had a positive impact on the depreciation rate.