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tending to decrease or cause a decrease in value

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5GHz band using "depreciating licenses" sold on a depreciating license exchange (DLE).
The depreciating rupee and rise in input cost have made us re-evaluate our pricing strategy in India and increase the prices of the entire range.
The reality is it's hard to avoid not buying any depreciating assets because many of them are essential to our survival.
Certain taxpayers were depreciating the replacement property using the same depreciation method, recovery period and convention as the exchanged or involuntarily converted property (relinquished property), while other taxpayers were depreciating the replacement property as if it were newly placed in service.
1% year-over-year, while Hartford metro was the slowest appreciating--actually depreciating -3.
Depreciating the cost of new materials is widely accepted and is not subject to dispute.
From that point, "the United States had to force the world to continue to accept ever-depreciating dollars in exchange for economic goods and to have the world hold more and more of those depreciating dollars.
168(k), thereby depreciating the entire cost of the horses over three or seven years.
6 is the best value-retaining supermini, depreciating by only 50% over three years.
In the medium car category the pounds 17,640 BMW 1 Series 116i SE was the best performer, depreciating by 49 per cent, followed by the pounds 12,345 Volkswagen Beetle 1.
Renault went ballistic last week when A&L branded its Laguna the worst depreciating car in Britain, with the Megane not too far behind.
Might it even take the further step of using its inflow of surplus dollars to subsidize its exports to offset the price disadvantage suffered by its exporters as a result of the depreciating dollar?
If you bought a car for business in 2002, you might want to deduct the business use costs instead of depreciating it over time, says Barbara Raasch, CPA, PFS, and partner with Ernst & Young in New York City.
We don't see a depreciating over the next couple of months,'' Buenaventura told Kyodo News after speaking at the summit.