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  • verb

Synonyms for deprecate

disapprove of


Synonyms for deprecate

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for deprecate

express strong disapproval of

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Marilla opened her lips to say she knew not what of apology or deprecation.
said Squeers, as if in mild deprecation of this outbreak.
Jasper remonstrates, in a tone of gentle deprecation.
Now, it is of no use, Peak,' said Sir John, raising his hand in deprecation of his delivering any message; 'I am not at home.
The objective of this research will be generally to enhance the TRT s functionality through accomplishing such tasks as consultation with TRIS indexers, the TRB Subcommittee for the TRT, and the others in the research community; review of the facet structure; recommendation of new terms (for example in areas of information management and technology) and terms for deprecation or deletion; recommendation of maintenance processes for accommodating future additions, deprecations, and deletions; review of metadata standards; and recommendation of a taxonomy management system for TRB and steps for the system s adoption.
Deprecations of such traditions as Habeas Corpus, the refusal to torture, and personal privacy by the current US regime is lightly passed over.
Nobody loves the Book of Common Prayer (in both our languages) more than I but even I heave a sigh of relief to know that in 1859 the special service to commemorate the Brad Y Pwdr Gwn/Gunpowder Treason (with all its deprecations of other Christians) was struck out of that book.