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Synonyms for injection

Synonyms for injection

the forceful insertion of a substance under pressure

any solution that is injected (as into the skin)


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the act of putting a liquid into the body by means of a syringe

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1 ml of the depot injection presented in a vial is invited, implying single use.
Filing of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for Buprenorphine Depot Injection by end of 2015
We also plan to file an IND by year-end for Buprenorphine Depot Injection now that we have defined an optimal formulation.
Bortey adds to our expertise in the clinical, statistical and regulatory aspects of drug development that are and will be critical to our growth as we continue to progress our pipeline of products including Buprenorphine Depot Injection and Clonidine Topical Gel, and support our existing marketed products such as BUNAVAIL," said Dr.
Contract award: tender for the supply octreotide depot injection 20 mg, negotiated procedure without competition ddchpd.
Contract award: tender for the supply octreotide depot injection by negotiated procedure without competition ddchpd.
So I started on the Depot injection every 11 weeks.
Contract award: tender for the supply octreotide depot injection negotiated procedure without call for competition (ddchpd.
The presentation will also provide an update on the status of Clonidine Topical Gel being studied for the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy and Buprenorphine Depot Injection, which is being developed for both chronic pain and opioid dependence.
There are also highly effective depot injections which, in a recent study, were shown to work really well for women like you.
Two adult female elf owls (Micrathene whitneyi) were treated with leuprolide acetate depot injections to prevent egg laying.
There is an understanding they [insurers] will pay for medication, including monthly depot injections," Dr.
Non-daily delivery of hormonal contraception can be achieved for progesterone by depot injections or intra-uterine systems, and more recently for oestrogen plus progesterone by transdermal patches or vaginal rings.
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