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Synonyms for deposition

Synonyms for deposition

a formal declaration of truth or fact given under oath

Synonyms for deposition

the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

(law) a pretrial interrogation of a witness

the act of putting something somewhere

the act of deposing someone


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The university spokesman informed that most of the presentations related to Indus river deltaic depositional system and facies were delivered on spot in the field at Dolha Daryah Bridge of Sujawal and Thatta, Shah Bander, Jangiser, Kharochaan, Sajanwary Creek and Keti Bandar.
In this excursion, we have requested Sindh University to make our visit possible in Thatta district to learn 'Indus River Modern Deltaic Depositional System and its Facies Change' downstream.
The prevalent mineral composition of the Attarat oil shale layers is of depositional origin, whereas minor diagenetic mineral aggregates occur only locally at certain stratigraphic levels.
Weaver [15] summarized the detrital origin of clay minerals in sedimentary rocks and they strongly reflect their source material and only slighty modified in their depositional environment.
0 m, which marks the possible end or dominance of mangrove type vegetation and related mangrove depositional environment.
1998, 2004), which may no longer preserve early diagenetic REE signal reflecting depositional palaeoenvironment.
4% was found in depositional areas, indicating the presence of weak deposition in the landscape.
0 will provide interpreters with new ways of analysing seismic data, thereby increasing interpreter understanding of their depositional history and improving the ability to find stratigraphic traps and build accurate geologic models.
The rocks were classified in the field using a hand lens and their depositional fabric were described [5].
Seismic stratigraphy and depositional facies models.
Prior to this study, none of the previous workers investigated the conditions of the depositional environments of these sediments.
Adetognathus is uncommonly abundant, indicating that the depositional environment of the shales was very restricted, low energy, shallow-water, possibly a lagoon or a small embayment.
This lies in the same basin as Ngamia and Twiga South, but its depositional setting is different.
The lithic material was collected from soil depths of up to 152 cm (60 inches), but a lack of information concerning the specific depositional processes at work at the site precludes the empirical establishment of a specific time-frame for the production of the material in question.