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Synonyms for deposition

Synonyms for deposition

a formal declaration of truth or fact given under oath

Synonyms for deposition

the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

(law) a pretrial interrogation of a witness

the act of putting something somewhere

the act of deposing someone


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There are many depositional settings in which sand is reworked, but the geologically older the sand deposit, the more chance it has had to undergo multiple cycles of sediment reworking (Levson and others, 2012).
In cultivated soils, SOC inventories were 29% higher in depositional areas than in erosional areas, although there was a smaller increase (19%) in SOC concentrations of the surface soil horizon, showing a role of soil layer thickness in SOC pools (i.
Depositional environment and sequence stratigraphy of the Oligo-Miocene Asmari Formation in SW Iran.
The track-bearing lithologic unit represents a period of high-frequency depositional cyclicity on a very shallow and partly restricted inner shelf.
The objectives of this study were to: (1) describe the rock types, associated sedimentary structures, and fossils; (2) relate petrographic thin sections of common rock types to visual descriptions; (3) describe dispersed organic matter (palynodebris) and palynomorphs (spores and pollen) in selected rocks; (4) correlate the two cores and effects of sea level fluctuations; (5) refine formation boundaries; and (6) reconstruct a depositional model from the dataset.
This ramp contains lithofacies ranging from shallow peritidal deposits in the southern depositional limit to shoal and outer ramp deposits in the north.
These facies are related to the three depositional settings (lagoon, barrier, and open marine) of inner, middle and outer portions of a carbonate platform (Fig.
Atlas of Australian and New Zealand hydrocarbon seals; worldwide analogs for cap rocks and intraformational barriers in clastic depositional settings.
It was designed to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of depositional systems, structural evolution, and geological development of the underexplored deeper potential in this highly prospective region.
Tertiary coals exposed in the north-central part of onshore Sarawak are evaluated, and their depositional environments are interpreted.
The survey will cover 90 square kilometres in the south end of EPL 3403 and will cover depositional areas 1, 2 and 3 already delineated by previous sampling programes.
The well will target similar Miocene and Oligocene deep water depositional environment sandstones which form the reservoirs in the nearby Mnazi Bay and Msimbati gas fields.