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The Bank of New York is depositary for more than 1,250 American and global depositary receipt programs, a 64% market share, acting in partnership with leading companies from 61 countries.
A Depositary Receipt (DR) represents the local shares of a company and can be structured as either an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) or a Global Depositary Receipt (GDR).
Akbar Poonawala, Head of Global Equity Services at Deutsche Bank said, "We welcome Wolters Kluwer's decision to transfer its ADR program to Deutsche Bank's depositary receipts platform.
Akbar Poonawala, Head of Global Equity Services at Deutsche Bank said, "We welcome FIAT's decision to appoint Deutsche Bank as depositary bank.
NEW YORK -- JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services today announced that it has been appointed successor depositary bank for the common and preferred share American Depositary Receipt (ADR) programs for Petrobras - Petroleo Brasileiro SA (NYSE: PBR & PBRA).
9 million American Depositary Shares and assume additional options and warrants to purchase 6.
Akbar Poonawala, Head of Global Equity Services at Deutsche Bank said, "New Oriental's Depositary Reciepts program mandate is a significant win for us in the PRC.
From the redemption date forward, dividends will no longer accrue and holders will have no rights other than the right to receive the redemption price, without interest, upon surrender of the Series C Depositary Shares.
Akbar Poonawala, Head of Global Equity Services at Deutsche Bank said, "We welcome WNS's decision to appoint Deutsche Bank as depositary bank for its New York Stock Exchange-listed ADR program.
FCX will also distribute on August 1, 2006 proceeds from the final mandatory redemption of FCX's Silver-Denominated Preferred Stock to holders of FCX's depositary shares (NYSE: FCX Pr D), representing its Silver-Denominated Preferred Stock.
NEW YORK -- The Bank of New York, a global leader in securities servicing, will act as depositary bank for MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc's Level I depositary receipt (DR) program upgrade from its Regulation S DR program.
NYSE: FCX) announced today the final mandatory redemption, on August 1, 2006, of its Silver-Denominated Preferred Stock and the related redemption of each remaining outstanding depositary share representing 0.
NEW YORK -- The Bank of New York has launched a new index which comprises a select group of American depositary receipts (ADRs) from Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Westmoreland Coal Company (AMEX: WLB) reported today that in response to proposals from four of the largest holders of the Company's Depositary Shares (each Depositary Share represents one-quarter of one share of Series A Convertible Exchangeable Preferred Stock) the Company has agreed to exchange a total of 90,900 Depositary Shares at an exchange ratio of 1.
On April 29, 2006, the Company's Deposit Agreement dated October 1996 with The Bank of New York, under which the Company's American depositary receipts were issued, was terminated pursuant to a notice dated March 30, 2006 that was sent to the remaining holders of American depositary shares ("ADSs") evidenced by American depositary receipts of the Company.