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The Bank of New York is depositary for more than 1,250 American and global depositary receipt programs, a 64% market share, acting in partnership with leading companies from 61 countries.
Depositary Receipt offerings increased substantially from 27 issuers raising $4.
NEW YORK -- Strong growth in liquidity and capital raised from American and Global Depositary Receipts is anticipated in 2007, matching or exceeding 2006's record-setting levels, according to JPMorgan's Depositary Receipts Group.
Akbar Poonawala, Head of Global Equity Services at Deutsche Bank said, "We welcome Wolters Kluwer's decision to transfer its ADR program to Deutsche Bank's depositary receipts platform.
TI had noted in its second-quarter report to stockholders that the higher the common stock price, the more likely the company would redeem additional depositary shares.
Akbar Poonawala, Head of Global Equity Services at Deutsche Bank said, "We welcome FIAT's decision to appoint Deutsche Bank as depositary bank.
NEW YORK -- JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services today announced that it has been appointed successor depositary bank for the common and preferred share American Depositary Receipt (ADR) programs for Petrobras - Petroleo Brasileiro SA (NYSE: PBR & PBRA).
Of the current 7,414,000 outstanding Depositary Shares, 3,700,000 will be redeemed.
9 million American Depositary Shares and assume additional options and warrants to purchase 6.
26 depositary shares will be redeemed on June 25, 1993.
LONDON -- Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB)(GER:DBK)(LSE:DBK) announces its appointment as depositary bank for the New York Stock Exchange-listed American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program of New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Citibank announced today that non- US companies and governments raised over $10 billion dollars of capital through the issuance of depositary receipts in the last year (July 1991 though June 1992).
0 million liquidation value of its outstanding Series C Depositary Shares, each representing a one-tenth fractional interest in a 9.