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a fireproof metal strongbox (usually in a bank) for storing valuables

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Our goal from the beginning was to create a world-class independent safe deposit box facility.
I began researching for more than a year and I visited the global safe deposit box manufacturers and biometric security solutions providers," he said.
The post Trial opens of couple accused of deposit box thefts appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
He told the cops that the safe deposit box which contained Dh945,500 worth of cash and gold worth Dh150,000 had been stolen.
To safe deposit box number 1606," Nikki (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) tells her boyfriend as he steps out of the car.
The safe deposit box access system is the work of experts with prolific experience in security engineering gained at many high-end casinos in Macau.
Data Deposit Box will get a direct local presence in the Aisa-Pacific region through this agreement.
The company, called Safe Deposit Box Insurance, has devised and patented insurance for safe deposit boxes.
Mr Bean also said his goods in the deposit box were not insured, adding: "That's the problem.
The pieces include standard safe deposit box contents such as collectable coins, silver, gold, jewelry and watches to some Beatles trading cards.
The safety deposit box room at the former Birmingham Municipal Bank on Broad Street
Based in Deighton Mills, Leeds Road, it is acknowledged as a local specialist and offers a warm, personal welcome to all customers whether they are renting a large unit or just a small safe deposit box.
Milton Woolf and Jacqueline Swan funded wealthy lifestyles by allowing organised crime gangs and murderers to store guns, gold bars and millions of pounds in illicit cash at their safe deposit box centres.
FirsTier Bank of Louisville customers who need or want advice on this process can receive unbiased help from Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box Co.
Worldwide Computer Products News-22 July 2009-Data Deposit Box announces Mac availability(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.