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Synonyms for depose

Synonyms for depose

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for depose

make a deposition


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BEIRUT: The opposition-in-exile National Coalition has congratulated Ukrainian demonstrators on deposing their country's president, calling the dramatic events in Kiev a source of hope for its own cause.
The gains you reap from experts being nervous and ill-prepared for cross-examination at trial can outweigh the benefit of the information traditionally obtained by deposing them.
The three-hour program covers informal discovery and investigation, declarations and affidavits, medical exams and medical records, deposing the plaintiff, deposing defense witnesses, video depositions and dealing with an obstructive opponent.
From the viewpoint of the deposing attorney, there's merit in his or her client's perspective.
After deposing Lee and his wife, Klayman posted the transcripts on his website.
Lott said lawyers for both sides should be able to finish deposing the witnesses, requested by the House Republican prosecutors, by Monday.
Modi, who is facing the BCCI inquiry for his alleged " individual misdemeanours" in the IPL, has alleged that Board president N Srinivasan sent a " subtle message" to Punjab Cricket Association ( PCA) president IS Bindra to refrain from deposing.
Mumbai, Aug 20(ANI): Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials deposing before a court in Mumbai said that a case has been registered in the US on the 26/11 terror attacks.
With the question of deposing witnesses seemingly decided, Gramm said, ``This is a clear step toward having witnesses on the floor of the Senate.
Editorial includes: an outline for deposing the child's parents; discovery and investigation techniques; sample medical reports and critiques; sibling and parental testing and its impact on a case; jury selection; analysis of Title X and its impact on lead paint poisoning litigation; the role of confounding variables; how to calculate lost wages; cross-examing neuro- psychologist; and, deposing a health inspector.
The Judge also ruled that the Plaintiffs may begin deposing the Defendants 46-days from today.