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Synonyms for depose

Synonyms for depose

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for depose

make a deposition


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Another prosecution witness Suleman Saeed was also to record his statement but as the hearing in the case was adjourned for today (Wednesday) so he would depose before the court today.
In an interview to media' journalist Azaz Syed, Ebad said that the former dictator had already told him about his decision to depose the chief justice as far back as the start of December 2006.
Le president de l'Instance Nationale de la Lutte Contre la Corruption (INLUCC), Chawki Tabib, a exprime son etonnement devant le nombre important de ministeres qui n'ont depose aucun dossier de corruption, aupres de l'instance, tout au long de l'annee 2016.
NEW DELHI -- India will soon ask Pakistan to send 13 witnesses to depose before a special National Investigation Agency court conducting the trial of the 2007 Samjhauta Express blast that killed 68 people,The Hindu newspaper quoting a top government official said.
ISIS is seeking to depose Assad and we are told this is good.
Rankine has until May 15 to depose of his stake in either the depose of his stake in either the Lions or East Fife after being Lions or East Fife after being found guilty of breaching the found guilty of breaching the SFA's dual interest rules.
En plus des projets de loi emanant du gouvernement et de ceux d'interet local, un seul projet de loi d'interet prive, depose par le seul depute independant a la Chambre, a ete adopte.
beaucoup moins que]Le compte de campagne doit etre depose au greffe du Conseil constitutionnel au plus tard le 23 juillet 2014, et ce conformement aux dispositions de l'article 34 du reglement fixant les regles de son fonctionnement[beaucoup plus grand que], a precise le Conseil dans un communique.
She also said she does not want depose anything against Singh.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Scholars of the Levant Union stressed that the decision of the Tunisian president to depose the Mufti of Tunisia, Sheikh Othman Batikh, because of opposing the takrifi calls and terrorism against Syria is a dangerous step that came in submission to the foreign pressures and extremism.
L'avocat Samir Sabri a depose une plainte au Procureur general, le conseiller Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, pour empecher le marechal Hussein Tantaoui, ancien ministre de la Defense, de quitter le pays, jusqu'a sa comparution devant la justice, dans des recours presentes a son encontre", a rapporte l'agence officielle, MENA.
Kardashian's lawyer, Laura Wasser, complained that Humphries' team, which would like to depose Kanye West, sent a process server to Kardashian's home (http://www.
SNAP responded in a court filing April 6, writing that any more attempts to depose Clohessy would amount to a "true fishing expedition.
6 -- India on Thursday agreed to send the investigation officer of the Mumbai attacks, Ramesh Mahale, to depose before a Pakistani court.
It should be Africans who depose Mugabe to avoid any suggestion that the Western or white races are trying to depose him.