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Synonyms for deportee

one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons


Synonyms for deportee

a person who is expelled from home or country by authority

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Each deportee is accompanied by at least one Garda officer to ensure that they do not seek to avoid their flight.
Barwari said deportees will have the same rights and privileges as other citizens.
The deportees were expelled after being held for at least two weeks, Trassari said.
The official said all the deportees will be questioned by police before being let into the country.
Some of the deportees told HRW that before their deportation, UAE authorities had summoned them and asked which political party they supported in Lebanon.
The German ambassador while appreciating Interior Minister's stance, said that the two countries may also explore possibility of a separate protocol on the issue of deportees.
This is the first time that Pakistani authorities have refused entry to deportees sent to the country.
The new law has been approved days before a plane of nearly 20 deportees, many from the controversial Christmas Island detention centre, is expected to land in New Zealand as early as Thursday.
The fingerprint system is one of the most important large-scale projects adopted by the Ministry of the Interior in recent years, helping to uncover many cases of fraud and absenteeism from the workplace and, now, to also uncover the status of deportees and displaced persons in the Kingdom.
What a joke our benefits system is when deportees are eligible for backdated benefits (Mirror, June 4).
Al-Quds reported that dozens of residents and families of Palestinians who were deported from Bethlehem to Gaza in 2002 after taking refuge in the Church of the Nativity, held a march in solidarity with the deportees in the Manager Square.
Detained and Deported provides a hard-hitting report based on years of reporting in the Arizona-Mexico border region and comes from a journalist who gathers the stories of these deportees.
Sources at Beirut airport said that three Lebanese citizens arrived from the Emirate of Sharjah, a day after four other deportees flew in from Abu Dhabi.
At the meeting, head of the IOM's mission reviewed the activities implemented by the organization in Yemen and its efforts to support the Yemeni deportees and the Yemeni government's efforts in returning the migrants from the Horn of Africa to their countries.
The deportees were refused medical fitness certificates which are required to get a residence visa in the country.