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Synonyms for deportee

one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons


Synonyms for deportee

a person who is expelled from home or country by authority

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Women reported that the stigma of being a deportee was equal to being perceived as a criminal; feelings of stigmatization were amplified by the track marks (i.
What a joke our benefits system is when deportees are eligible for backdated benefits (Mirror, June 4).
The officials posted at Indira Gandhi International ( IGI) Airport, New Delhi, could not understand few French words written in a letter sent along with the deportee by French officials.
As a part of the union's and center's plan, deportees will also receive a monthly salary of YR30,000 ($140) for six months to help them get back on their feet.
Jotaro Kato, a representative of the nonprofit organization Asian People's Friendship Society who is monitoring the situation of the 75 Filipino deportees, said that under Japanese law first time deportees from Japan cannot return to the country for five years.
According to another deportee they were sent back after one month in prison.
Although their ethnicity was identified with the term "racial" as distinct from the other deportees who were referred to as "political," their very different status as prisoners intended for extermination, receiving harsher treatment and developing much more severe health problems as a result, was not.
You were supposed to go abroad and send home remittances, but now you come back here a worthless deportee," said Bernard Headley, a professor of criminology at the University of the West Indies, summarizing the popular sentiment.
a happy deportee from The Republic of Cyprus circa 2001)
The referral process includes verifying deportee addresses and identifying clinics where deportees will be monitored until treatment is complete.
They can get out of the National Penitentiary, however, only after a close family member, such as a parent, presents evidence of identification as well as proof of relationship to the deportee.
The third deportee is Many Uch, a quiet, contemplative man who consciously tries to atone for his past mistakes by coaching a minority Little League team, thus providing an alternative to street gangs that was unavailable to him as a child.
The deportee phenomenon now also figures prominently in theoretical formulations of "threats" to regional security.
At last here it is a special edition two-disc set of Brian De Palma's 1983 violent epic, chronicling the rise of Cuban deportee Tony Montana (Pacino) in Miami's flourishing criminal underworld during the early Eighties.