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Synonyms for deport

deport yourself


  • behave
  • act
  • conduct yourself
  • hold yourself
  • carry yourself
  • acquit yourself
  • bear yourself
  • comport yourself

Synonyms for deport

to force to leave a country or place by official decree

to conduct oneself in a specified way

Synonyms for deport

hand over to the authorities of another country

expel from a country

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Several dozen illegal Chinese were deported today back to China on board a special flight.
Castro and several other lawmakers visited Mexico to meet with deported veterans earlier this year.
The FIA officials would produce these deported Pakistanis before the court of Central Judge Lahore on Saturday (today).
According to details, the passenger, Sulehria Ali Azhar was deported because of mismatched name on passport and visa.
The 27-year-old policeman was said to have taken three payments in the form of phone credit from the 27-year-old Bangladeshi worker, to have the latter's friends arrested and deported in January.
Antonette Mangrobang, spokesperson for the bureau, said on Wednesday the more than 1,000 Chinese illegal workers remaining would follow their deported compatriots.
The statement sought to downplay reports that thousands of Lebanese expatriates would soon be deported from the Gulf region, due to the recent ongoing strain in diplomatic relations.
Libyan authorities deported 171 Egyptians from the country, state-run news agency MENA reported on Monday evening.
Canada is home to dozens of foreign criminals who may never be deported because their own countries won't take them back, officials told the QMI news agency of Quebec.
DEPORTED peace campaigner Mairead Maguire revealed yesterday how seven days in an Israeli cell was the worst experience of her life.
AN EU citizen was deported from Cyprus after he was caught smoking a joint, deputies heard yesterday during a discussion on the deportation of EU citizens.
Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh reacted Friday to reports of Lebanese families being deported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT Saturday.
He was finally deported in March last year when the Department of Justice was forced to charter a flight from Dublin solely for him.
Hawre went to Turkey in 2006 and was only recently deported.
A JUDGE yesterday criticised immigration controls which allowed a convicted Romanian thief to slip back into Britain after being deported.