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reduce in population


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Well, birth dearth alarmists say, the planet is depopulating and graying, and the implications of that are worse than if population growth were to continue.
Above all, why is Europe committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself in what British historian Niall Ferguson calls the greatest "sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death of the 14th century?
I suggest to those on the Welsh Assembly - and more so to Alun Michael MP - you go and sign up to the incompatible and depopulating Jobseekers Allowance and the Bill which your colleagues said you would vote against.
The rapidly depopulating Angkor was to be largely devoured by the jungle.
Suzuki hopes to encourage local industry that draws upon innovative approaches and products that use renewable energy to transform Yasaka into an attractive community with plenty of jobs from what is now a depopulating area.
Jefferson goes on to write, "I rejoice too with you in the happy consequences of our revolution, namely our separation from the bloody horrors which are depopulating the other quarters of the earth, the establishment here of liberty, equality of social rights, exclusion of unequal privileges civil & religious, & of the usurping domination of one sect over another.
She added: "No wonder the Orkneys are depopulating if that is the standard of knickers.
A previous unpublished evaluation of a CBGA with a depopulated center array found that depopulating the center degraded the thermal fatigue life.
The descendants of the European settlers of the prairie are simply leaving, depopulating the plains states.
But there is little doubt that Gassis and his pioneering efforts to establish and maintain civic and religious institutions -- everything from medical clinics, schools and churches to water sanitation -- even in the midst of war, are a major thorn in the side of a regime bent on depopulating resource-rich areas like the Nuba Mountains and weakening, if not destroying the influence of non- Islamic institutions in Sudanese life.
1] Gibson's vision is seductively articulated, but his new virtual order is yet some way off and its potentially depopulating and negative effects on public space have broadly been resisted.
By 2000 the government had enabled Matip to consolidate his p ower, in the process devastating and depopulating the countryside.