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Synonyms for deponent

one who testifies, especially in court

Synonyms for deponent

a person who testifies or gives a deposition

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Super secundo deponit that aboute a xij monethe agone vt modo recolit et tempus aliter perfecte non recordatur this deponent was personally presente in the house articulated together wth Wim Marchant his preconteste (24) beholdinge pappitt players wch was then in the said house wher and when he saw the articulated Wim Appowell beinge then and ther presente puttinge his hand vnder the Coates of [a] Certeine Woman standinge vppon a benche ther and beholdinge also the pappitts then and ther playinge but the name of the woman this depont knoweth not.
discusses coaching during depositions in section F-8: "While a question is pending, counsel should not coach the deponent nor suggest answers, through objections or otherwise.
The place to hone cross-examination skills is in discovery depositions, where, under Supreme Court Rule 206(c)(1), deponents can be questioned as if under cross-examination.
In the President's view, "any person, reasonable person" would recognise that oral sex performed on the deponent falls outside the definition.
Agreeing with the defendants' reliance on SCR 212(a)(5), which permits the use of discovery depositions as evidence at trial where the deponent is unavailable because of infirmity or death except where the deponent is a party or an expert, the trial court found that the rule barred the use of Howard's discovery deposition as evidence.
However, "the opinion of the witnesses or deponent regarding the severity or nature of the accused's offense or offenses may not serve as the principal basis for an opinion of the accused's rehabilitative potential.
T]he preto tortured by so many blows managed to break free from his aggressors' clutches thus being able to flee out into the street, he the deponent also saw in the street the turco Pedro Alexandre and Thomaz the barber pursuing him throwing stones.
ANTHOLOGY CORPUS deponent thetic passive active edited composed
This runs contrary to the instincts of many people in business, but it can save the deponent from grief down the road.
In the President's view "any reasonable person" would recognise that oral sex performed on the deponent falls outside the definition.
48, I am required to instruct the deponent not to answer questions which call for official information outside the scope of this authorization or seek information which is otherwise prohibited from disclosure.