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  • verb

Synonyms for depone

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for depone

make a deposition


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The witness added that "the Defender was living with the said female openly and allowing her to take his name previous to the period when the Pursuer applied to the Deponent upon the subject of aliment as deponed to, and the Deponent was surprised at the application being made to him as till then he had considered the woman the Defender lived with to be his wife.
The deponent's wife said the same, but Janet's stepmother deponed that on the Wednesday night before the fair of Glasgow they came to the house and
The chief witness was George Crichton, a collier, who deponed that on the day in question he and his wife had been invited by Ann Ritchie and James Winning as they planned to marry, and that they had gone to get a man in the Gorbals to celebrate the marriage.
Leckie deponed that though he did not witness the marriage he was told by Gibb that evening in his house that they had been married.