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eliminate the polarization of

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In general, the excitability of neuron can be characterized by the magnitude of the depolarizing current necessary to bring the membrane potential to the threshold leading to initiation of the action potential.
The first objective of this section is to briefly review the uniaxial anisotropic scalar potential derivation [11] in order to identify a scalar field contribution not previously considered and to identify both an expected and unexpected depolarizing dyad contribution.
The decreased spiking response was accompanied with a higher minimal depolarizing current required to evoke spikes and a lower peak discharge frequency.
This volume defines many of the author's leadership concepts such as dilemma flipping (turning problems into opportunities) and constructive depolarizing (the ability to defuse tense situations through calmness).
These results indicate that the S-cell postsynaptic neurons contain glutamate receptors in their plasma membrane that mediate depolarizing responses, matching the responses of the same neurons to the natural S-cell transmitter.
The patient did not receive depolarizing paralytic agents or antidopaminergic medications.
Potassium nitrate, the key pain-relieving ingredient, works by depolarizing the nerves located at the dentin-pupal interface.
Impossible dreams, impossible choices, and thoughts about depolarizing the debate
1]) of ethyl methyl dichlorogermane in the liquid with quantities depolarizing at ratios and solid states, and the infrared spectra(3500 to 300[cm.
Women's Action for New Directions - Lane County WAND - will hold a workshop, "How to Speak American - Depolarizing and Elevating the Democratic Dialog," from 9 a.
1,8,9) Although there is controversy as to whether succinylcholine and other depolarizing muscle relaxants alone increase the risk of malignant hyperthermia, it is generally accepted that the combination of a volatile anesthetic and succinyicholine does increase the risk.
The batrachotoxins, among the most powerful known nonprotein poisons, make the membranes of the nerve cells permeable to sodium, thus depolarizing them and altering the transmission of nerve impulses.
Monocytes and neutrophils may ingest birefringent depolarizing malaria pigment that can be detected by the instrument.
This class of micro-organism promotes corrosion by depolarizing the cathode, upsetting the operation of the cathodic protection system, lowering the pH, and producing hydrogen sulfide that can cause cracking and blistering of steels.
It seems only logical that a device capable of depolarizing skeletal muscle can also depolarize heart muscle and cause fibrillation under certain circumstances.