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eliminate the polarization of

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Rather than speak of polarizing (or emission) and depolarizing (or absorption) signals, it is best to consider all the lines in the Second Solar Spectrum as inherently polarized, but with an emission phase which can either add to or subtract from the polarized continuum.
Immediately after each pre-conditioning pulse, a depolarizing test pulse at 50 mV (500 ms) was applied.
In response to a depolarizing step current density [J.
Neuronal spiking response was tested by injecting brief (1 sec) depolarizing current pulses (100-400 pA) and measuring total number of spikes evoked, the minimal current required to evoke spike, and the maximum peak frequency of the evoked spikes.
This one-celled organism acts within 2-3 seconds of its coming into existence by depolarizing its cell membrane.
This inhibition generally counteracts the effect of glutamate and other depolarizing, excitatory synaptic influences.
The patient did not receive depolarizing paralytic agents or antidopaminergic medications.
Potassium nitrate, the key pain-relieving ingredient, works by depolarizing the nerves located at the dentin-pupal interface.
However, over the years we have also learned the real dangers with depolarizing NMBAs like succinylcholine, especially in the pediatric population, which has better defined when its use is appropriate.
Impossible dreams, impossible choices, and thoughts about depolarizing the debate
1]) of ethyl methyl dichlorogermane in the liquid with quantities depolarizing at ratios and solid states, and the infrared spectra(3500 to 300[cm.
Women's Action for New Directions - Lane County WAND - will hold a workshop, "How to Speak American - Depolarizing and Elevating the Democratic Dialog," from 9 a.
1,8,9) Although there is controversy as to whether succinylcholine and other depolarizing muscle relaxants alone increase the risk of malignant hyperthermia, it is generally accepted that the combination of a volatile anesthetic and succinyicholine does increase the risk.
Monocytes and neutrophils may ingest birefringent depolarizing malaria pigment that can be detected by the instrument.
This class of micro-organism promotes corrosion by depolarizing the cathode, upsetting the operation of the cathodic protection system, lowering the pH, and producing hydrogen sulfide that can cause cracking and blistering of steels.