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eliminate the polarization of

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Under KCl depolarizes incubating conditions, the MFME effect on insulin release was similar to extract treated control.
Recent research has discovered that for certain functions millions of neurons will depolarize in synchrony; that is, at exactly the same time (Bushara 2003).
2+] exposure alters two membrane conductances in the root membranes of both species of Arabidopsis, a rapidly initiating conductance change that hyperpolarizes the membrane and a more slowly initating change that depolarizes the membrane.
ions in the medium depolarizes the muscle cell membrane, thus inducing movement of extracellular [Ca.
Polarization cells are similar to zinc grounding cells in that as AC depolarizes the internal plates it can lower the back voltage, which may compromise the operation of the cathodic protection system.
This rapid influx of sodium depolarizes the cell and elicits a myocardial fiber response.
During an action potential, the plasma membrane depolarizes to approximately 0 V and the vacuolar membrane hyperpolarizes to approximately -0.
The benefit of Benarde's approach is that it depolarizes and depoliticizes the debate over global warming.
In breaking the bond with organics, ozonation depolarizes or neutralizes the colloidal particulates and precipitates any dissolved iron bound in the organics.
Her interpretation of the results is that in sensory nerves with both the chloroquine itch receptor and the wasabi pain receptor, when chloroquine binds to its receptor, it subsequently opens the wasabi receptor, which depolarizes the nerve cell and sends an itch signal to the brain.
The center is using magnetoencephalography, a technology that measures the magnetic field when a neuron depolarizes, to determine where an abnormal signal originates in the brain.
Norepinephrine (NE) has potent inhibitory effects in the hippocampus in vivo, consistent with our previous results indicating that NE depolarizes and increases the firing rate of GABAergic interneurons in this structure.
2+] entry from the saline, decreases input resistance, depolarizes the cell membrane (thereby increasing [I.