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eliminate the polarization of

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It is shown that diffusely reflected laser radiation would be depolarized significantly stronger than a mirror one, which will make it possible to blank by means of polarization filter getting of mirror component into objective of a video camera.
To investigate the depolarization of UCN we intend to cover the inner trap walls with Fomblin oil to reflect depolarized UCN.
In addition, mitochondria become depolarized, causing inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation and stimulation of ATP hydrolysis.
Root tips exposed to the lowest concentration of HQ so far tested (1 [micro]M) depolarized only 7.
Excess glutamate release from depolarized presynaptic neurons, together with a diminution in the uptake mechanisms of glia and neurons, results in increases in synaptic glutamate and pathologic stimulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors.
During acute episodes, the muscle membrane remains depolarized, although the contractile mechanism remains functional.
However, such a potential is initially difficult to obtain as the pipeline is heavily depolarized in the presence of some micro-organisms such as SRB.
Perfusion with the saline solution depolarized the electrical charge (i.
The action potential is conducted in both directions away from the place at which the plasma membrane is first depolarized past the threshold.
the depolarized component of the received signal must be determined.
Definitely, depolarized cathodes can be considered as an important innovation in membrane process.
After the ventral surface has been activated, the excitation wave passes to the dorsal side, where the upper part of the appendage is depolarized first in the inferior vena cava, and then in the middle and lower parts.
However, in arteries maintained at calcium-free solution and depolarized with 80 mM KCl, euxanthone (10 [micro]M) poorly inhibited the contractions observed after addition of 2.
For 25 years, he has specialized in electrochemical science and engineering with particular emphasis on fuel cells, fuel batteries and power generation using reactive metals such as zinc, aluminum, lithium and elemental carbon together with air- depolarized cathodes.
Depolarized neutrons shall also be monitored; they are not stored magnetically, but can still be collected when the inner walls of the trap are covered with a neutron reflecting material as, e.