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eliminate the polarization of

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2010) and (2011) found that kisspeptin neurons were depolarized by leptin via activating TRPC in guinea pig.
The other nine DOFs are depolarization factors that describe how different states of polarization are depolarized.
When a PeD7 neuron was depolarized with a constant current, the action potential initiation zone initially moved out of the suction pipette toward the nerve cell.
In order to find out if hyperpolarization was functionally required for differentiation, the scientists depolarized the hMSCs by exposing them either to high levels of extracellular potassium ions or to ouabain, a compound that blocks the transfer of ions in and out of cells.
However, light reflected from the plume aerosols was partially depolarized, a sign that some of the airborne particles were irregularly shaped.
It is shown that diffusely reflected laser radiation would be depolarized significantly stronger than a mirror one, which will make it possible to blank by means of polarization filter getting of mirror component into objective of a video camera.
To investigate the depolarization of UCN we intend to cover the inner trap walls with Fomblin oil to reflect depolarized UCN.
Root tips exposed to the lowest concentration of HQ so far tested (1 [micro]M) depolarized only 7.
However, such a potential is initially difficult to obtain as the pipeline is heavily depolarized in the presence of some micro-organisms such as SRB.
Perfusion with the saline solution depolarized the electrical charge (i.
Once an impulse is initiated in cardiac tissue, the impulse cannot be stopped until all cells have been depolarized.
An analyzer cross-oriented with the polarizer, placed in front of the camera, eliminated the specular reflection and permitted the study of the depolarized scattered light.
The action potential is conducted in both directions away from the place at which the plasma membrane is first depolarized past the threshold.
The ozone action depolarized the particles allowing a coalescing action to form larger size agglomerates.
the depolarized component of the received signal must be determined.