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a loss of polarity or polarization

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By inducing mitochondria membrane depolarization and/or by inhibiting mitochondria respiratory chain, it is expected that [V.
The numerical simulations have been performed by changing the filling factor function, the depolarization factor, and the mixing model.
The rate of depolarization of the action potential is indicated in AP by the broken vertical lines.
DRS and TSDC are dielectric related techniques: in DRS the sample is submitted to a ac electric field and the real and imaginary parts of the permittivity are measured as a function of the frequency; in TSDC the sample is submitted to a dc electric field, the polarization is frozen by cooling, and the depolarization current is recorded on heating allowing the calculation of the kinetic parameters of the relaxation modes [9], We will carefully explore the orientational and space charge relaxations, looking at the local and cooperative processes, and eventually at some chain diffusion process.
PR segment is the interval between the onsets of atrial depolarization and ventricular depolarization.
In 2001, my group and two other laboratories independently reported that depolarization of postsynaptic neurons causes endocannabinoid-mediated transient suppression of transmitter release from presynaptic terminals in the hippocampus and cerebellum.
Purpose/Hypothesis: The QT interval is an element of the electrocardiograph (ECG) tracing that includes ventricular depolarization and repolarization and that provides clinical evidence regarding ventricular function.
The QT interval encompasses both depolarization and repolarization of heart and was measured from the earliest Q- or R-wave onset to the end of T wave.
The effects of CRF on neuronal excitability were mediated via activation of CRF2 receptors and a cationic channel to generate membrane depolarization.
An additional atrioventricular ring has been designed to make fast depolarization of the ventricles.
Among the topics are water hydrogen bonding dynamics at charged surfaces observed with ultrafast nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy, vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy of interfacial dynamics, the depolarization of surface-enhanced Raman scattering photons from a small number of molecules on metal surfaces, dynamics at electrode-electrolyte interfaces using infrared spectroscopy, and vibrational spectroscopy of the ionomer-catalyst interface.
In Section 3 the quantum Stokes operators in a turbulent atmosphere are studied and the formulae for the Stokes parameter of the turbulent atmosphere ensemble average and the degree of depolarization of QHG beams in a turbulent atmosphere are obtained.
Among the neuromuscular blocking agents, suxamethonium may be the fastest drug over onset time, as one kind of depolarization muscular
An intersection of the depolarization curve and the load line determines the working point.