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a loss of polarity or polarization

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The chemical changes that lead to death begin with depolarisation," Dr Jed Hartings of the University of University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine and a member of the research team told Newsweek.
In the presence of digoxin the system I produces membrane sodium potassium ATPase inhibition of archaeal membrane and a paroxysmal depolarisation shift.
Las PIDs These depolarisations, referred to as peri-infarct depolarisations (PID) have attracted interest over the past two or more decades among scientists in the field se asse asemejan llamativamente a otro fenomeno electrocorticografico, las depresiones corticales propagadas ("cortical spreading depressions", CSD) y han sido descriptas como una ola masiva de despolarizacion neuronal y glial que se propaga a traves de la materia gris en el sistema nervioso central en respuesta a un estimulo patologico, a una velocidad entre 1 y 5 mm por minuto (4,16,33,34,35).
On Wednesday a new regime, known as depolarisation, governing the way financial advice is given and products are sold, comes into force.
The second patent - number 6,205,263 - relates to a depolarisation technique which reduces the degree of polarisation of narrow line width laser sources in a variety of applications, while the third - number 6,247,849 - covers a mechanical device that prevents exposure to high power optical devices.
Depolarisation as a shake-up in the intermediary sector.
Mice had prolonged ventricular depolarisation, an electrical conduction anomaly that could lead to heart rhythm abnormalities.
In addition, MCGs were better able to identify differences in the distribution of cardiac magnetic field strength during repolarisation and depolarisation between normal subjects and cardiac patients.
Depolarisation has created a third type of IFA known as a multi-tied adviser who can sell products on behalf of a number of different companies, without covering the whole market.
Last month depolarisation was brought in with the advent of a middle ground adviser known as multi-tied.
The move by Abbey comes ahead of depolarisation, which is expected in 2005 and ends the current rule restricting firms that are not independent financial advisers to sell products on behalf of only one provider.