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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Army troops weren't able to deploy quickly enough, the first ground forces in landlocked Afghanistan last year were Marines, specialists in amphibious assault.
Orbital Data's product demonstrated a strong advantage over competitive products in its ability to quickly deploy and integrate into complex network environments," said Robert Smithers, CEO of Miercom.
Critical updates which, without Wavelink, would take hours and multiple personnel, now take one person about 15 minutes to deploy.
Able to deploy in days with minimal ongoing maintenance, STM delivers the capabilities operators need to effectively prioritize threats, accelerate response times and reduce business risk.
Administrators need the easiest and best tools available to identify, deploy, and validate the updates quickly and reliably.
PeerDirect Corporation, a new operating company of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), today announced the immediate availability of PeerDirect(TM) Distributed Enterprise, the first product suite that enables companies to deploy data and applications directly to remote offices and mobile workers.
Using ISMs and the Opsware System's process automation capabilities, IT organizations can more quickly deploy or change a complex server environment with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.
the leading provider of system migration solutions, announced today a marketing alliance that includes bundled pricing to companies who purchase both Lanovation Prism Deploy and Miramar Desktop DNA desktop management tools.
What this means is that with SoftGrid we can instantly deploy and update software by simply adding or changing one file on a server.
As the first company to deploy IP over DWDM on a large scale, China Netcom offers businesses and individuals the power to communicate at the speed of light.
Once software stack images are in the image repository, flexible computing is easy: an administrator picks an image and disk layout -- for instance, an Oracle database server -- and then PowerCockpit dynamically configures and deploys the image.
This whole process can often take two days per server, but seems to change each and every time the administrator deploys a new system.
The Fuzion family of advanced technologies companies designs, deploys and manages both wireless and wireline broadband networks; develops broadband network products and solutions; and creates broadband applications for government, institutional and business customers.