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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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In the near future, some squadrons (either carrier or land based) may deploy to participate directly in OIF or Operation Enduring Freedom, while others may deploy to various strategic locations in support of the GWOT.
The Adamind Spire[TM] platform provides media adaptation and enhancement software enabling service operators to successfully deploy messaging, content and next generation convergence services; generate new revenue streams; and drive key new value-added-services (VAS) enablers such as advertising, branding, DRM and anti-abuse support.
This enables organizations to delegate patch and asset management tasks to ANSA gradually, until such time that they are ready to deploy company-defined policies on a fully autonomic basis.
Wavelink Mobile Manager allows MU network administrators to monitor network health, deploy upgrades and ensure the integrity and security of the wireless network from a single, centrally-located console, allowing for reduced time spent managing the wireless network.
STM deploys in days, with minimal maintenance overhead, and our unique online update service ensures that security vulnerability and exploit data stays current.
It then deploys and validates appropriate patches through a central management console.
The software discovers missing and applicable patches and reliably deploys them through a central management console.
For example, when Opsware automatically deploys an application on to a server, the ISM prepares the server to support the application, and then configures the application to run according to best practices.
Prism Deploy deploys software across any network to any Windows PC or laptop with unparalleled reliability and speed.
SoftGrid for Terminal Servers: Deploys applications in real-time to any terminal server without the need for installation.
designs and deploys next-generation network solutions in the rapidly expanding telecommunication service provider market in China.
Once software stack images are in the image repository, flexible computing is easy: an administrator picks an image and disk layout -- for instance, an Oracle database server -- and then PowerCockpit dynamically configures and deploys the image.