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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Task Force Bastogne is the second specialty transportation unit formed to provide customized end-to-end deployment and distribution support to a major Army unit.
Through 1990, VS-21 made four Indian Ocean deployments on board Enterprise.
By using the FTTX Service Pack, carriers can ease and speed up their deployments as the COs are prepared in advance," Majerus said.
On the technical front, focus has moved from the core protocols to ancillary protocols and APIs that will enable largescale IP Storage deployments, and integrate IP Storage into the standards-based management framework that is such a central focus for the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA.
This latest deployment began with the first of 12 trains from Fort Carson, Colo.
During two subsequent gulf deployments aboard Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), the wing flew in support of Operation Southern Watch in Iraq.
For low cost and quick deployment, the majority of Exchange storage has been, and still is, directly attached.
HCL Technologies Infrastructure Services Division (HCL ISD), India's leading IT services company, today announced the launch of its 'Zero Touch' Desktop Deployment Solution for Microsoft Windows Vista.
This time around we were completely integrated into the Tropic Lightening team and used our deployment expertise to assist the entire division movement process.
Over the next seven years, VS-29 completed four WESTPAC/Indian Ocean deployments on board Carl Vinson.
K=1AA1A1&Q=533) where executives from Cisco, Intel and Forrester Research discuss and dispel the five myths of wireless networks and present in-depth counter points to demonstrate the business value of pervasive wireless deployments.
Future Military Traffic Management Command deployments will operate smoother because of a "rock drill" test of operational procedures.
Deployment Solution helps cut the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops and notebooks in a computing environment and simplify large-scale IT projects such as mass deployments, rollouts and OS migrations.
Coupled with the simultaneous departure of two other large deployments, the capacity of Marine Corps Logistics Base, Yermo, Calif.