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Synonyms for deployment

Synonyms for deployment

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the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work

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In the large unit category for Army Reserve organizations, the 1179th Deployment Support Brigade from Fort Hamilton, NY received the top honor.
Ralph Cote of the 842nd Transportation Battalion was the lead Marine Cargo Specialist for the deployment.
This new mission and new focus means that members of the Task Force will interface with the 3rd Infantry Division throughout the deployment to support activities at six installations, the departure port in Savannah, Ga.
This required intensive cross training of the Group staff personnel and active-reserve component integration at the team level with SDDC's Reserve Component Unit Mobility Team and Deployment Support Brigade units.
This new capability--the Deployment and Distribution Operations Center--is directly related to Transportation Command's new role as the Department of Defense's Distribution Process Owner and demonstrates the significance of making a single combatant commander the distribution process owner.
In all, the unit mobility teams and deployment support teams from the 599th Transportation Group deployed nearly 2,000 pieces of the division's equipment and containers.
In the biggest unit movement of the 25th Infantry Division (Light) since World War II, the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command has begun moving the Army unit to Southwest Asia.
When an Army Reserve unit requested sealift deployment training from MTMC's 599th Transportation Group, it was logical that the request ended up on the desk of Carlos Tibbetts.
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