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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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beaucoup moins que] Alors que le marche tunisien IdO est maintenant ouvert au developpement par les soins du ministere des Technologies de la communication, la voie est desormais libre pour que nos clients commencent a deployer des services aussi rapidement et efficacement que possible afin de tirer parti de ce nouveau marche [beaucoup plus grand que], a declare Malek Ben Jalel, vice-president charge de l'avant-vente a Get Wireless.
1 February 2017 - US-based ATM provider Cardtronics plc (NASDAQ: CATM) has closed on the acquisition of South African ATM deployer Spark ATM Systems Proprietary Ltd.
Such intense competition, on so many different levels, can either inspire a race to the top with deployers continuing to improve ATM performance relative to one another in order to stay out in front or a race to the bottom in which mediocrity is tolerated as deployers try desperately to hold on to shrinking margins in maturing markets.
La force africaine doit se deployer "le plus vite possible, et c'est l'objet de notre reunion", a-t-il ajoute.
The value of their business solutions combined with the power and flexibility of the IBM Workload Deployer, provide undisputed benefits to the end user, such as quick time-to-value and peace of mind," said Marcus Belvin, WebSphere Marketing Manager at IBM.
In addition, the IBM Workload Deployer allows companies to assemble customised cloud services with templates based on IBM best practices and feature a wide range of IBM software, services and management capabilities.
dubai, united arab emirates Co 29th june 2008 Co postilion, a leading provider of software solutions for self-service banking and payments and a division of s1 corporation (nasdaq: sone), today announced that the postilion atm driving solution has been enhanced to allow atm owners and deployers to remotely distribute master security keys to automated teller machines.
The Web site's counters show each book deployer how many books they've deployed and how many "reads" each volume has received.
The increasingly active Independent ATM Deployer market will increase its market share by a very significant factor," says Link.
What he does offer are wonderful, pithy descriptions of louche as well as luxurious living in Berlin and Paris during the late '20s, the time of Bacon's defining wanderjahren; of Bacon's bizarre London menage, which for many years consisted of the artist, his older lover, and the memorable Nanny Lightfood, who did a bit of shoplifting for the household and had a vociferously expressed penchant for capital punishment (she wanted to see the duchess of Windsor hanged); and best of all, of that indiscriminate deployer of the pronoun "she," the artist.
Payment Alliance International (PAI), a leader in electronic payment processing solutions and the nation's largest Independent ATM Deployer (IAD), and Cash Connect, a division of WSFS Bank (NASDAQ: WSFS) and premier supplier of ATM vault cash services, today jointly announce they have partnered to offer an exclusive vault cash and forecasting program.
NanoRacks is pleased to announce that starting early 2017, customers will be able to utilize the International Space Station a new CubeSat deployer that accommodates additional industry standards.
Dans une courte allocution, Sayah a exprime ses remerciements a l'ARPT pour [beaucoup moins que] les efforts deployes dans le traitement de ce dossier [beaucoup plus grand que], ajoutant que cette compensation constituait [beaucoup moins que] un encouragement a deployer plus d'efforts dans l'amelioration de la qualite de service rendu aux usagers [beaucoup plus grand que].
Les deux parties ont aborde l'importance de deployer des efforts pour sortir de la crise actuelle et favoriser le climat aux pourparlers entre toutes les parties en Syrie pour regler la crise a travers les negociations, et ce dans le cadre de l'interet supreme du peuple syrien.
ATMs that do not carry both disclosures are considered to be in violation of the law and the deployer may be vulnerable to litigation, which the law established as the main way provisions would be enforced.
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