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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

Words related to deploy

place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Vendor Agnostic -- Analysts and network experts alike recommend that security be deployed in a layered, best-of-breed approach.
When Independence deployed to the Arabian Gulf in March 1992, VS-21 flew electronic surveillance and tanking missions over Iraq in support of Operation Southern Watch.
LCDR Scott Eberwine from NCHB1 deployed to CMPF and 2D FSSG FWD, Camp Patriot, Kuwait.
One DST deployed to Romania to support operations there.
Instead of fighting over limited resources currently deployed, Chick said, the council should work to increase the resources available.
BreezeMAX, Alvarion's mature and field proven WiMAX platform, has been deployed in over 300 networks over the past 2.
It was very valuable to get to know each member of the team before going into harm's way," added emergency essential civilian Jim Staege, who deployed from the 599th in Hawaii.
Whether these systems are deployed to relieve bottlenecks and capacity issues from file and print services or to support growing Web-based service environments, they can be easily deployed to provide substantial network relief, but NAS is not just a point solution.
The primary reason why organizations say they have not deployed an iSCSI SAN is simply because they believe their current networked storage solutions meet their needs.
Southern Command area of operations, we have deployed teams to numerous countries.
One-to-many applications are the most widely deployed types of IP Multicast applications.
Cantata Technology[TM], one of the world's leading independent providers of enabling communications technology, today announced that Waveleap Communications, a premier provider of wholesale IP-based call termination and conversion services, has deployed the IMG 1010[TM] Integrated Media and Signaling VoIP Gateway in its global network.
NASDAQ:JNPR) today announced that Guangdong Telecom, a China Telecom subsidiary, has deployed Juniper Networks TX Matrix routing platforms to upgrade its core network to multi-terabit capacity.
The Spire[TM] Messaging Suite has been deployed by the telecom supplier in more than 50 operators' multimedia messaging centres (MMSCs) worldwide, including top-tier operators in Europe and Asia.
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