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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

Words related to deploy

place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Alaska Deployed a Geographic Information Science Supervisor and Emergency Operations Center Support Team
As a result, the multilayered security which we have dutifully deployed is outward facing with nothing protecting us from the evil that lurks in our midst.
Both squadrons joined Carrier Antisubmarine Air Group 53 and deployed to WESTPAC on Kearsarge.
LT Rodney Bonner from NCHB 1 deployed to Commander, Maritime Prepositioning Force (CMPF) and 2D FSSG FWD, Camp Patriot, Kuwait.
The VBrick solution is the first video distribution system to be delivered across the Air Force in support of its deployed combat mission.
And in part, it's the military's increasing reliance on high-tech equipment, which speeds up the tempo of battle by allowing forces to operate under nearly any conditions and requires a longer logistical "tail" when deployed.
warheads thus becomes 100 (100 deployed missiles times the attributed loading of one bomb each).
The colonel explained that MAG-11 now has three squadrons participating in the Tactical Air [TACAIR] Integration Program, two squadrons preparing for future expeditionary deployments and one currently deployed to the western Pacific in support of the global war on terrorism [GWOT].
As one of MTMC's two forward deployed major subordinate commands, we at the 598th have been very busy performing all our functions to support the warfighters," said Col.
The Subscriber Gateway is a carrier-class platform deployed in a service provider's central facility.
The LAPD has 27 percent of its field resources deployed in the Valley.
Alvarion's award-winning BreezeMAX is the most deployed WiMAX system in the world with over 300 installations in more than 100 countries.
Key to the deployed team's ability to execute its mission is to be trained and ready," said Gitto.
are deployed over several general-purpose servers [Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and Backup Domain Control (BDC)] with line of business applications residing on dedicated application servers (Exchange, SQL Server, IIS, etc.
Of the 511 organizations surveyed, 17% have iSCSI SANs deployed in a production environment.
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