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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Within the Deployability Branch, Newman was the only employee to move to Scott as part of Base Realignment and Closure 2005.
There is nothing that is going to stop the deployability of simulation and the embedding of simulation out on real platforms," Mohler said.
Those characteristics are responsiveness, deployability, agility, versatility, lethality, survivability, and sustainability.
The panel recommended that all $331 million appropriated for B-2s in fiscal 1998 should be used ``for upgrades to improve the deployability, survivability and maintainability of the 21 existing B-2 stealth bombers,'' and not to begin building any more.
The operational objective of the system is the reduction of battlefield fuel consumption for small to medium battlefield tactical operation centers while having a minimum impact on transportability, deployability, and readiness levels.
The M3-SE baseband equipment provides a durable and dependable communications solution that minimizes size, weight and power requirements, which along with the GATR s light-weight ISA, reduces the embarkation footprint and improves deployability and ease of use as the whole system packs into five cases, weighing less than 375 pounds total.
While encouraging Bulgaria to maintain, and if possible increase, investments in these capabilities, and to a limited extent, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) capabilities, we view the development of new niche capabilities as secondary to the primary goal of increased deployability of combat troops.
In SDDC's Transportation Engineering Agency, we are helping ensure the deployability of tomorrow's forces and are contributing to the readiness of our nation through our Highways, Ports and Railways for National Defense programs.
In a recently published white paper by Frost & Sullivan titled "Interoperability and Deployability of Integrated Logistics Systems to Support the Modern Military", the importance of ILS 'deployability' to enable 'foxhole to factory' supply chain capability is discussed.
Pacific Fleet ADM Gary Roughead recently visited USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), and spoke to the crew about the Navy's deployability and employability policies during an all hands call aboard the aircraft carrier.
The M777 has the deployability advantages of a lightweight system like the M119, but the firepower of a 155mm weapon like the larger M198.
The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency (TEA) has revised three reference documents on deployability based on recent deployments and exercises.
Yet, when one considers the scope and breadth of security obligations, deployments, and ongoing missions presently assigned to American military forces and when we add up the burden this imposes on the American soldier and taxpayer alike it is clear that the goal of increasing allied defense spending to ensure greater alliance interoperability, deployability and combat effectiveness, confers a major, lasting and very strategic benefit on the security interests of the United States.
Mocapay simplifies the payment process, allowing rapid deployability into virtually any point-of-sale system, integration of marketing and payment processing and total transaction security.
The mission of TEA is to improve the global deployability and sustainment of U.