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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Macgregor's book, Breaking the Phalanx, recommends replacing divisions and brigades with 5,000-man formations designed to deploy quickly and fight as a module.
Knowing the team's ultimate mission, the 599th Commander said, "You will deploy our fighting forces to where they are needed.
At each MTMC port, we need designated military and civilian personnel who are trained and ready to deploy as a team in peacetime or war," said Calisto.
The IMG 1010 offers the widest range of network interfaces in a compact, high density 1U package, allowing service providers to deploy applications across fixed and mobile networks worldwide.
The company expects initially to generate approximately $250K revenue from this deal, with potential for additional revenue as more of the customer base deploys this service.
At its core, Celtix Enterprise utilizes a lightweight, pluggable service engine that enables customers to deploy the base functionality necessary to achieve a project's goal, and to add new capabilities as business and technology requirements evolve.
Native support for SONET/SDH services, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel at speeds up to 10 Gbps allows service providers to deploy services as needed and enabling new services as they are developed and deployed with a proven pay-as-you-grow architecture.
has selected and deployed Riverbed's Steelhead[R] wide-area data services (WDS) appliances at 37 sites across North America, in Asia, and in Europe and plans to deploy more than 60 additional Steelhead appliances at sites across Europe, and at sites in the Middle East and in Asia.
New Universal Client Framework Enables Enterprises to Build Applications Once and Deploy in Any Browser, Anytime, over Any Network; Data Services & Integration Features Deliver Comprehensive Platform for Deploying Rich, Secure Business Applications over the Web
0 and SaaS companies can rapidly deploy Web applications without owning and operating hardware infrastructure, and pay only for the resources they actually use.
Adamind will receive a set license fee per operator and expects revenues to increase as operators deploy multiple mobile applications and as service uptakes and traffic grows.
Nasdaq: ATRS), a pioneer of service-oriented management solutions, today announced that, according to a recent survey(1) commissioned by Altiris, 41 percent of IT organizations plan to deploy virtualization in client PC environments.
Using the application, supervisory personnel can define and perfect processes in one location and deploy them instantly to multiple sites and geographies throughout their operations, and those of suppliers and customers.
Akonix L7 Builder v5 provides developers and system integrators innovative technology to create and deploy comprehensive solutions to extend existing enterprise applications while supporting standard development environments and the use of the leading public and enterprise IM networks.
will deploy the Tekelec 9000 Distributed Switching Solution to support its VoIP and data network and Cricket(R) service across its entire 39-market, 19-state operating territory.