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Synonyms for depletion

Synonyms for depletion

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

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the state of being depleted

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To determine the causes of this depletion, the investigators treated neurons grown in cell culture with amyloid-beta proteins, which accumulate in Alzheimer brains.
To overcome oil depletion renewable resources can be used to replace nonrenewable fossil fuels.
Cost depletion works similarly to depreciation in that the taxpayer's investment in the property is recovered on an annual basis using a determined formula (Regs.
The simulations show that ozone depletion, combined with increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration, drives stronger winds above the Southern Ocean.
The acquisition of Seppro significantly strengthens Sigma-Aldrich's position in antibody-based depletion technology," said Dr.
Cliff-like depletion rates have already been in evidence in the North Sea and now the huge Cantarell field in Mexico," adds Mr.
Ineffective albumin depletion was defined as depletion efficiency of <90%, and calculated as follows:
Biopsy samples obtained from the gut and respiratory mucosa during chronic infection demonstrated profound mucosal CD4 T cell depletion in all SIV-infected animals, at levels similar to those described in the context of HIV infection.
I don't know anyone who seriously believes that broad-scale liming is a viable solution to calcium depletion," Schaberg says.
Both biological efficacy and preservative depletion data are discussed.
Regression of melanoma in a murine model by RLIP76 depletion.
As world oil goes into depletion mode very visibly after 2008 at about 6 percent per year, the world must improve use efficiency each year by 3 percent, increase the amount of long term renewable, wind and solar, energy produced, and take three percent from current uses to provide the power to accomplish the first and second three.
The limiting factor here is not the depletion of glycogen stores per say--it is the accumulation of lactic acid, which is the body's by-product of burning fuel.
In addition to providing unit holders with income from the working property, the trust passes through proportionate shares of any depreciation or depletion deductions or tax credits to which the underlying property is entitled.
We investigate the impact of health on wealth depletion of African American, Hispanic, and non-Hispanic white elders.