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Synonyms for depleted

Synonyms for depleted

no longer sufficient


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EnergySolutions will be a recipient of the nation's repository of depleted uranium, classified as low-level radioactive waste, and was required by Utah to draft a site-specific performance assessment of how the Clive site would fare under any number of scenarios.
Unfortunately, in a number of births the children are born paralyzed due to the dust and depleted uranium in the air flying to Iran from Iraq," representative of Ahwaz city in the parliament Shokre Khoda Moussavi told FNA on Monday.
Depleted uranium is used to make armour plating and munitions for several armies around the world.
We want to put "good" fuel in the body, and that not only means nutrition from what we eat, but also nutrients that may be depleted from medicines that we are taking, such as CoQ10.
He added that depleted uranium is used in radiographic cameras and clinical radiology equipment such as shielding material.
In what was named one of the six Pediatric Best Abstracts, 120 children received treatment for non-malignant disorders through a transplant of plasma depleted cord blood products.
This legislation will help identify troops who have been exposed to depleted uranium (DU), clarify the effects of DU exposure, and provide treatment for returning troops who are experiencing problems because of DU exposure.
Chile's "national monument" tree, with the look of a regal redwood, is being depleted at a rapid rate as it is sold on the black market where illegal loggers can make $5,000 per cubic yard, reports the New York Times.
and British militaries have been taking fire for their use of tank-piercing bullets made from depleted uranium, a weakly radioactive manufacturing by-product of nuclear fuel and warheads.
In response to concerns about the human and environmental health effects of materials used to produce munitions, countries including the United States have begun replacing some lead- and depleted uranium-based munitions with alternatives made of a tungsten alloy.
As the corporation repays the debt, the debt basis decreases, lf flow-through losses have depleted stock basis, subsequent basis increases first must restore debt basis.
South Korea manufactured depleted uranium shells in the 1980s without immediately reporting this to the U.
CARSON - With the Galaxy depleted by injuries, and visiting Sao Paulo FC of Brazil depleted by scheduling conflicts, there was little for the two sides to learn about each other during Wednesday's international friendly in front of 10,009 at Home Depot Center.
A former soldier has become the first veteran to win a war pension appeal after suffering depleted uranium poisoning during the Gulf War, it emerged yesterday.
Although Kay argues that water bottlers haven't depleted America's aquifers (note that there is evidence of this happening internationally), my article discussed the potential for damage.