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capable of being depleted

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A private or depletable externality (acid rain, trash dumped on private properties, etc.
Inspiration, creativity and motivation are depletable resources.
Solar energy was simply promoted as a renewable energy that could be endlessly exploited by the Arab world, compared to depletable fossil fuels, which should be conserved and efficiently used, not only in producing energy but also countless other useful products.
He also highlighted its positive impact with regard to securing necessary energy requirements for the development process, demonstrating adherence to standards of environmental safety through the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, preserving depletable energy resources and enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy.
And what about the unborn generations that have neither the vote nor dialogueSimilar challenges exist in intertemporal resource allocation of depletable fossil fuels or in the global warming problem.
The Vision Oman 2020 aims at substantial transformation in the structure of the Omani economy by developing a multiplicity of income sources, instead of depending mainly on a depletable source like oil in order to achieve economic balance and sustainable growth.
If genuine, it is possible that BNPsp release mechanisms are more susceptible than troponin to ischemic preconditioning, or there maybe a depletable pool of this peptide.
5) Here the depletable common resource is trust, while the users are nations, organizations, and individuals whose behaviors in cyberspace are not subject to a central authority.
For biodiversity and global warming reasons, timber and log life are depletable resources and under some circumstances are not renewable, whereas the drug trade isn't.
6) enhance the quality of renewable resources and approach the maximum attainable recycling of depletable resources.
But Inzlicht and Schmeichel point out that a newer crop of studies are yielding results that don't fit with this idea of self-control as a depletable resource.
You are using a depletable resource, a non-renewable resource, which is really your oil wealth and all of its income.
Oil is a depletable resource and it will run out in the lifetime of our children if the current production rates continue.