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Typical applications include guiding passengers during tarmac boarding and deplaning, airplane/bus/cruise ship loading, closing parking lots, guarding large machinery, warehouse maintenance and other long span requirements.
Penalties for failing to comply with deplaning requirements should be uniform to encourage compliance, reflect airline revenues, and provide passengers with a cause of action.
Airlines surely can find ways to avoid canceling flights because of deplaning delays, and odds are good the passengers on last weekend's stranded Continental Express flight would dearly have loved the "disruption" of unloading.
Many passengers continued to inquire about reasons for the delay in deplaning, and the crew had to explain repeatedly that a "clearance" from the airport authority was needed and that this was being acquired.
A typical day for a female executive could begin by deplaning from business class and heading straight to a client meeting, then leaving a conference to meet associates for cocktails.
President Gerald Ford was relentlessly lampooned as a klutz error he dipped while deplaning from Air Force One.
Lines were longer, angst was greater, and employees in our locations struggled with their own emotions, while expressing compassion and empathy for deplaning customers yearning to return home.
The disinfecting is being done at point-of-entry airports in the United States, and includes passengers deplaning non-stop flights from England and Ireland.
Long after deplaning, my search for the location of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore ended as I strolled through the monumental mausoleum-like structure of St.
In one case, a suspicious circumstance (profile characteristic) was deplaning first.
Video includes pictures of the arrival of the Pink Plane and the painted mini-Cooper, deplaning of 80 Northwest and Delta flight attendants who have been affected by breast cancer, comments from survivors, comments from Delta Air Lines SVP In-flight Services Joanne Smith and Northwest Airlines SVP Inflight Services Julie Showers.
Everyone was grateful to be alive after deplaning safely" one of the passengers Hasan Ali Eryylmaz told to reporters.
Business class passengers enjoy many amenities such as lie-flat beds with ottoman, restaurant style meal service, separate check-in, priority baggage handling, VIP lounge access including one guest, priority boarding and deplaning, and a power plug and USB port at each seat.
The carrier is exploring a warm boarding solution for clients boarding and deplaning the Q400 at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.
OAlthough the captain and first officer were able to safely deplane the aircraft by air stairs in order to conduct external safety inspections of the aircraft, airline officials believed that deplaning passengers by air stairs may have been unsuitable due to the inclement weather, as well as the number of passengers requiring wheelchairs and the number of small children on board.