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The aircraft taxied to the gate and passengers deplaned normally.
PTI correspondent Rajkumar Leishemba, who was on board, said all the passengers were deplaned and screened.
Al-Khaibari said all passengers were deplaned and were put on a different aircraft.
The local police chief said the man was visibly ill when he deplaned at Kuala Lumpur and was taken to a nearby hospital.
18) Most significantly, the regulation requires that passengers be deplaned when a delay exceeds three hours.
The soldiers deplaned and departed in an ELDYK bus to go their final destination in Malounda.
Z-Boy and social networking phenom Paul Constantineau was seen in the immediate vicinity of a retinue of snipers, military gun ships, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and police types as President Obama's party recently deplaned at Santa Monica Airport.
pass and whatever else I could find, and deplaned with the basis of the
I didn't know how it would play out - how my nephews and I would recognize each other when I deplaned but I shouldn't have worried,'' Hilton said.
The report also showed that 103,159 passengers deplaned during the month, compared with 92,006 last year.
Passengers deplaned and cleared immigration there, and flew to Tokyo's Haneda airport on a substitute flight.
On the short gravel runway where I deplaned sits a stack of cardboard and cans: purple and white boxes of granola, powdered potatoes, cylinders of Del Monte peaches and peas.
I don't care if you are the chairman of Philip Morris, chances are there is nothing going down with the Marlboro man that can't be put on hold until you've deplaned.
We were nearly wilted by a strong gust of extremely hot air as we deplaned onto the steamy tarmac.
A traffic unit is each enplaned and deplaned passenger as well as each 100 kilograms of enplaned and deplaned cargo.