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  • noun

Synonyms for depilation

the condition of being void of hair

the act of removing hair (as from an animal skin)

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The themes described above suggest that while many gay men are perceived as idealizing a smooth body, and may engage in depilation to achieve that end, not all gay men hold such an ideal.
Human clinical studies show Decelerine[TM] can reduce the frequency of shaving or depilation by up to 82% on the legs, 70% in the groin area, and 50% in the armpits.
The lack of a comparison group limits broad applicability and may over-represent the prevalence of pubic hair depilation.
2] are much exaggerated, North America's experience of sudden shifts toward leg and armpit depilation suggest that women will change their grooming habits to match the visual culture.
NIVEA Deo Double effect uses a completely alcohol-free formula and can be applied directly after depilation.
Depilation is scarcely mentioned in antebellum texts, and to the extent that it was practiced at all women's hair removal appears to have been largely confined to the household.
As you can imagine he was not best pleased to have his otherwise film star looks spoiled by this apparently random act of depilation but no-one would admit to the deed.
Along with other routine procedures, such as smoke-bathing and depilation, that purify women's bodies, cleanse them, and make them smooth by means of heat or pain (Boddy 1989), the experience helps to develop a child's dispositions physically, cognitively, and emotionally, thus orienting her to a specific 'universe of probabilities' (cf.
Depilation may be used for excess facial hair in women.
Nine chapters have been added: on atopic dermatitis, proteus syndrome, Netherton's syndrome, focal dermal hypoplasia syndrome, skin gene therapy, genital disease, erythromelalgia, nursing care of pediatric skin, and the use of resurfacing, pigment, and depilation lasers.
A skin temperature probe (Mallinckrodt general purpose temperature probe, Segrate, Italy) was applied on the lateral side of the thigh near the surgical field, at L1 dermatome level, after depilation of the area and under one surgical drape.
According to research, about 72 percent of women are dissatisfied with their current depilation method and willing to try something new," Klingens said.
She remains tickled by the "gorgeous sight of his hairy chest and arms", she says, and is clearly a lady for whom the modern vogue for male depilation is anathema.
For example, the initial "emergences" pilot found 3 sets of clinical signs not linked to a known disease (persistent, ultimately fatal paraplegia, without general clinical signs [Figure]; weight loss, depilation at the extremities leading to death; and congenital cataract neither linked to bovine virus diarrhea nor familial history) and 1 rare known syndrome (facial eczema).
A beauty therapist can offer the same treatment as a beautician plus more advanced techniques such as electrical depilation, massage, aromatherapy, electrical treatment to improve muscle tone and heat treatment