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remove body hair

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PESHAWAR, May 18 -- Several places, which can be a great source of attraction for both local and foreign tourists, are in depilated conditions in the historically and culturally rich provincial capital and need immediate attention of the authorities concerned.
Hair on the rest of his body was depilated with tweezers.
As writer Paul Morand observed, what occurred on the Ballets Russes stage mirrored the audience's "immodesties, extravagant coiffures, depilated bodies, cosmetics.
Individuals and organizations can encourage and support measures such as boycotts and divestitures within their countries and among their local governments as well as join the international efforts such as demanding international investigations like those currently being undertaken by the United Nations (concerning the shelling of a UN school in Jabaliya that killed 43 and wounded scores of others as well as other alleged Israeli attacks on civilians) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (investigating the use of depilated uranium) in Israel actions.
As Cincius (1984: 100) has shown, Mongolian *kom 'rawhide, depilated skin' belongs with Early Turkic *kon "cured skin', Turkish gon 'leather', Uyghur kon 'id.
Do we really want to see a bunch of preening individuals, perfectly coiffured and depilated, mincing around at what is supposed to be a serious sporting event?
2) The entire process is largely based on speculative real estate and a rental gap between neighbors when a cadre of elite operatives (developers, realtors, bankers, public officials) allow for renters (though oftentimes owners) to rent or purchase residential space at a premium cost in an effort to turn around depilated or distressed urban neighborhoods.
With more women opting for shaved or depilated armpits, several new products promise to slow hair regrowth as well as protect the skin from perspiration and odor.
Venomless, tender, completely-my-equal, Depilated and repudiated woman thrown to the Cunts By the cuntivore-, cuntrified-man
Our mothers depilated because it was the genteel and ladylike thing to do.
One immaculately depilated emperor wears a toupee to conceal his baldness, applies moist bread to his face, and is "as fastidious about appearances as a woman" (Otho 12).
For beryllium oxide particle induction of sensitization, mice were shaved on the back and depilated with Nair (Carter Products, New York, NY), in a 1.
Vichy Deodorant for Very Sensitive or Depilated Skin, pounds 4.