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absence or loss of pigmentation (or less than normal pigmentation) in the skin or hair

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Melanoma associated leukoderma is a rare disease characterized by hypopigmented or depigmented macules, which are usualy localized at distant sites from the primary malignant melonoma.
Speciic indings include trismus, stiff and small tongue, blanched and leathery floor of mouth, fibrotic and depigmented gingiva, rubbery soft palate with decreased mobility, blanched and atrophic tonsils, shrunken band like uvula and sinking of cheek not commensurate with age or nutritional status.
Bands of discoloured or depigmented hair are often red flags for severe nutritional deficiencies in protein or iron.
Carapace with front edge densely pigmented; ocular tubercle black, with a dark stripe from postocular furrow to lateral ocelli, leaving an anterior depigmented triangle that only in very pigmented specimens is pigmented; lateral surface with dark reticulated pigment; with 2 posterolateral dark spots.
Northern populations became depigmented fast," explains Hollis, because the mutation that led to lighter skin had a huge survival advantage.
Stage I disease is characterized by ankle edema without trophic changes, stage II by edema plus hyperpigmented or depigmented areas and indurations, and stage III by open or healed leg ulcers.
A VITILIGO is a distressing condition which causes patches of depigmented (very pale) skin and hair.
Mucocutaneous manifestations of secondary syphilis * Coppery red, asymptomatic, generalized maculopapular lesions * Split papules (especially at corners of lips or foreskin) * Psoriasiform patches on palms and soles * Moist, hypertrophic, coalescing papules in perineum (condyloma lata) * Depigmented macules on a hyperpigmented background (back or sides of neck) * Alopecia (may be patchy ["moth-eaten"] or diffuse) * Oval mucous patches in mouth (palate, tongue, mucosa) or vaginal introitus Table 3.
Approximately 2 weeks after onset of nonspecific symptoms, pustules form scabs, which then become depressed and depigmented.
Skurkovich concluded by stating, "That in a pilot study for this disease, four weeks after a short-course of therapy, patients developed thin depigmented fine hair.
Poliosis is the term used to describe a localized area of hypopigmented or depigmented hairs.
The clinical diagnosis is based upon a finding of multifocal choroidal depigmented lesions (usually with some associated pigmentation at their margin) (Figure 5), peripapillary atrophy, and in more advanced cacus, a macular choroidal neovascular membrane.