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absence or loss of pigmentation (or less than normal pigmentation) in the skin or hair

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The successful development of a skin whitening formulation incorporates two plausible approaches to skin depigmentation based on this mechanism of melanin formation: the inhibition of melanin biosynthesis, and possible conversion of melanin and its colored precursors (dopachrome, leucochrome) into colorless entities.
beaucoup moins que]Lipostructure[beaucoup plus grand que] Pour enlever les taches, la methode la plus ancienne utilisee par les dermatologues est la cryotherapie (ou traitement par le froid) par l'application d'azote liquide, dont le risque principal est une depigmentation de la peau.
Chorioretinal scars seen as grayish white, well-demarcated areas of fundic depigmentation were noted bilaterally in 1 bird and unilaterally OD in another bird.
For gingival depigmentation, different treatment modalities have been reported such as surgical treatment, cryotherapy, electrosurgery, and laser therapy.
As they enlarge and become more confluent, atrophy and depigmentation of the RPE can become widespread and visual loss becomes inevitable.
Leukomelanosis" (yes/no) was defined as depigmentation characterized by black and white spots present anywhere on the body.
Laser depigmentation is one of the most sought after procedures.
s Harley Street Skin's at-home Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment gives really impressive results.
5 (0 = no depigmentation, 100 = completely depigmented).
Rathi A, Kawatra A and S Sehgal Influence of Depigmentation of Pearl Millet(Pennisetum Galaucum) on Sensory Attributes, Nutrient Composition, in Vitro Protein and Starch Digestibility of Pasta.
True albinism is the total absence of pigmentation, but there are other forms of depigmentation considered as partial albinism.
Pigmentation changes like widespread, well-demarcated, hyperpigmented macules (leopard skin-like pigmentary changes) (2), areas of hypopigmentation, depigmentation, poikiloderma (atrophic and pigmentary changes), lichen sclerosus-like lesions (discrete to coalescent gray to white movable papules and plaques), keratosis pilaris, and ichthyosis were also evaluated.
Depigmentation of the normally pigmented patches in universal vitiligo patients by cryotherapy.
This is achieved by using a skin-resurfacing mask composed of active ingredients derived from vitamin A, depigmentation agents and antioxidants.
Vitiligo is a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin.