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depicted in a recognizable manner


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In this sense, this techno-politics may also refer to the literature of the eco-society in which there is a depictive civilian love and peace between human and un-human in order to theoretically and rightfully overcome the lethal needs, desires and requirements of the century of Singularity.
Moving away from depictive traditions, abstract artists explored new modes of expression through forms and color.
The ceremony featured a documentary film depictive the lifetime march and achievements of the honouree Shaikh Isa bin Rashid Al-Khalifa.
The Housatonic at Stockbridge," inspired by a honeymoon stroll down the Housatonic River, is pleasant but a bit misty, depictive and yet experimental.
Anecdotal evidence has suggested that news sources have used depictive rhetoric since the advent of color photography: During FDR's presidency, LOOK magazine published photographs of Southern sharecroppers living in deplorable conditions, in spite of the farmer-friendly policies of Roosevelt's Farm Security Administration.
Navigation An hyperlink Digital artifact Digital Element 3 practices Puppies as shark Mode: Image bait Affordance: It provides depictive information (She authenticated the claim with a newspaper cutting.
The branch-hair might be associated with the Greek myth of Daphne turning into a laurel tree and recall Bernini's famous sculpture depicting that transformation, but Ruttenberg's scenes are characterised by rigidity and brittleness and her surfaces, when not simply depictive, are more often repellent than seductive.
This includes the literal content of a linguistic work and the depictive content of a pictorial work.
1996): "A Middle Paleolithic symbolic composition from the Golan Heights: The earliest known depictive image", Current Anthropology, 37, pp.
The author discerns four categories of ekphrasis in literature and film: attributive ekphrasis, depictive ekphrasis, interpretive ekphrasis and dramatic ekphrasis, and examines how do these categories affect the interpretation of the work of art: "In so far as ekphrasis can be said to be a self-reflective genre, to what degree are the four categories self-referential, and what role does the paragon play in visual, filmic ekphrasis?
This is depictive of the hi-tech capability the miscreants have acquired over the years to plan and execute raids and cause considerable damage.
The video 11-02-2011(2011) of Khaled Hafez presented at Porto Alegre in the framework of Geopoetics, is depictive of this viewpoint.
A method which is for depictive scanning and relational scanning was used to reveal current situation in the study.
Cynthia Freeland's Portraits and Persons provides a marvelous survey of the philosophical issues that arise in considering the nature of portraiture, from the metaphysics of the iconic relation, to the depictive function of portraits in individuality and expression, to the key question of how portraiture is related to notions of the self.