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depicted in a recognizable manner


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Korzybski claims that the neglect of, or indifference or ignorance toward, these two interpolating levels has led us to mistakenly believe that words are depictive of the extensional world and that language can be descriptive in relation to the extensional world.
The book includes color brain scan images and an appendix summarizing neuroimaging studies of visual mental imagery discussed in the chapter on depictive representations.
For more details on depictive secondary predicates in Laz, see Kutscher and Genc (2005).
Adding to the allure of Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino as a home to temporary exhibitors for the Las Vegas Market, the hotel's convention center will also host the Design Gallery, a juried exhibit area featuring products and displays depictive of up-and-coming trends in the home furnishings market.
1 in C minor, "The Bells of Zlonice" suggests a markedly depictive element of the piece drawing on Dvorak's experiences from his youth, including a stylisation of the actual sound of the bells, even though Dvorak did not convey such experiences by means of any stylised literary programme.
Generally, research distinguishes between depictive and descriptive representations (Schnotz, 2002).
Whereas, for instance, Picasso's absrasiveness remains uneroded, Modigliani's once shocking limb-elongations, depictive abbreviations, flattened forms and vacant stares are all tamed by his sweetness of vision.
75) From this winter studio, he painted the same crumbling ruins, twisted cypresses, and rocky vistas as did a growing number of other artists of varying stylistic bents (soft-focus, pattern, nocturne) attracted to the area, but remained resolutely "rapidfire," as one journalist dubbed him, (76) which is to say depictive, prolific, and salable.
A Middle Paleolithic symbolic composition from the Golan Heights: The earliest known depictive image.
Automatic classification of objects in captioned depictive photographs for retrieval.
The depictive element can be found in the local flavor of the novel, which situates the protagonists in well-recognizable venues in Vienna.
These trends are more depictive of the Indian urban lifestyle, and of course, are not free from influences of rural elements.
So that's when you come full circle with the depictive versus the evocative.
gt; is thus seen as fundamentally depictive ("pictographic," if one likes) in its more basic incarnations <[?
The possibilities of depicting non-existents, depicting non-particulars and depictive misrepresentation are frequently cited as grounds for denying the platitude that depiction is mediated by resemblance.