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a representation by picture or portraiture

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A silver coin depicting a picture of the Royal Opera House is priced at RO27, three sliver coins depicting coloured pictures of various musical instruments are priced at RO28 each and a large silver coin depicting a picture of the Royal opera House is priced at RO59.
The University of Saskatchewan's student newspaper, The Sheaf, in March 2006 published a cartoon depicting Jesus performing oral sex on a pig, with the caption: "Go on, it's okay, it's kosher if you don't swallow.
Ferguson is an engaging novel depicting the lives of Scott Chad (an American mineralogical surveyor, geologist, and amateur archeologist), his partner Samuel Rogowski, and a spy sent from the Israeli secret intelligence named Julia Apostoli, as they excavate a lost tomb in the desert outside of Cairo.
She has chosen these as the only major English poems that both use a stable persona to depict an individual encounter with God, and take a public approach to the encounter, with their climaxes depicting one or more of the central moments of salvation history.
The prizewinning cartoonists specialize in cleverly depicting metaphors and fantasies as real: Jeremy's mother is shown literally talking her head off, for example, while Jeremy and his father are depicted as sumo wrestlers in a tussle to get Jeremy to put out the garbage.
In early June at the behest of a local Religious Right activist, the Tulsa Park and Recreation Board voted to allow an exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo depicting the biblical account of God's creation of the world, as described in the Book of Genesis.
All wear white and either hop up and down or jog in place (one can't tell which since the troupe is revealed only from waist up) to a sound track of foot-steps and droning music in front of a backdrop depicting a spiral galaxy.
At the center is a scene depicting a Quaker and a Native American with the Hudson River in the background.
More than sixty full-color oil and watercolors depicting Morrison's abstract and figurative paintings provide the reader with the basis for appreciating the artist's subtly comic, religious, philosophical, and political viewpoints as depicted in his paintings--some of which are included in the Smithsonian Institution and the Art Institute of Chicago, among other prestigious museums and collections around the country.
London Cries, depicting the lower orders of the capital, survive in three formats: as broadsheet panels of engravings, as ensembles of individual prints, and as illustrated books.
Researchers whose work has incorporated ways of depicting what electron gases look like have had aesthetic payoffs as well.
Lining the walls of this exquisitely decorated yet surprisingly small church are large paintings depicting scenes from Jesus' life.
Jean-Michel, through his works depicting peace and serenity, and Peter, through his imagery of sports.
The religious character of the original painting, however, depicting Leo X as a prophetic figure, a new John the Baptist or Angelic Pastor, had already been set.
A regular contributor to lesbian and gay film festivals since the early 1990s, Israeli director Eytan Fox has been almost unique in directing varied work (ranging from short films to series television) depicting gay life in that country.