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At a later point, when again comparing historical painters to depicters of common life, that is those who are "set down in our minds for an artist of an inferior class," he pursues a similar line of redress by questioning "whether the quality of thought shewn by the latter may not more than level the distinction which their mere choice of subjects may seem to place between them; or whether in fact, from that very common life a great artist may not extract as deep an interest as another man from that which we are pleased to call history.
Bakker's essay in the 'Pride of Place' catalogue broadens his account of the cityscape to include the influence of Vredeman de Vries and, in keeping with the show's selection of pictures, a multitude of artists better known for working in other genres, such as Hendrick Vroom, the depicter of naval battles.
One novel was republished in 1953, however, and the appearance of the Cairo Trilogy Bayn al-Qasrayn (Between the two palaces), Qasr al-Shawq (Palace of Longing), and Sukkariya (Sugar bowl) in 1957, made him famous throughout the Arab world as a depicter of traditional urban life.
Since she burst upon the scene in the 1970s, Annie Leibovitz's camera has become the defining depicter of the "in" scene, and her photos virtually have became the signature of first Rolling Stone, then the revived Vanity Fair.
Egerton dwells on Stubbs's reputation as a 'scientific' depicter of animals, unafraid (perhaps from early familiarity- his father was a leather-dresser) to expose himself to stench and disease in pursuit of the truth to nature that shines out from his portraits not only of horses but also of dogs by the score, and many exotic beasts, including the magnificent cheetah that he painted for Sir George Pigot in about 1765, together with its two Indian attendants.