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something (a person or object or scene) selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation

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5% correct), and they were faster to name the depicted objects successfully (14 vs.
Semantic cueing is a factor external to the subject that may play a very important role in the formulation of hypotheses about object identity: the provision of semantic information (category name) about the depicted objects prior to the presentation of each picture made picture identification easier, as shown in adults at least (see Heller, 1989; Heller et al.
15] Peacocke needs the seeing -- as analysis precisely because the F-relation, if it explains anything at all, explains what it is to see properties of the surface as corresponding to properties of the visual field in which the depicted object might be presented.
And thirdly, I see the depicted object in the sensations that I see the coloured patches as.
They were interested in more distinct forms than the Impressionists, who often depicted objects dissolved in bright sunlight.
The software enables users to visualize their company's entire computing landscape as graphically depicted objects and determine the state of any machine, operating system, or other resource.
So that they may be seen, the depicted objects are printed in a translucent gray: Ironically, transparency loses its defining property in becoming visible.
There is hardly any differentiation between the textures of various depicted objects.
For example, in one image focused on a rug-printed with a leopard-skin pattern and slung over a balcony railing--real and depicted objects are conflated, generating an illusory picture within the picture.
Consisting of an open structure of wooden planks, the delicate exhibition architecture not only afforded an overview of the whole space but also served as a critical backdrop for the material and symbolical weight of the depicted objects.
The pictures seem to have been placed side by side for a variety of reasons, ranging from similarities in the materials or size of the depicted objects to visual characteristics such as staring eyes or a similar posture.
Louis professors "extremely negative reaction" to the inclusion of depicted objects like radios, handbags, and motorboats in his realist renderings of models.
The depicted objects, drawn in tenuous and delicate colors, follow one after another, seemingly endlessly.
Most paintings consist of four panels arranged to create a centra "empty" square which is "filled" by the wall itself and thus asserts a series o relations: that of painting to wall, actual to depicted objects, representation to reality.
As familiar as the depicted objects often are, their identity is divorced from their function.