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Synonyms for depicted

represented graphically by sketch or design or lines

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Quasimodo was deaf but his sight was clear, and the public fury was no less energetically depicted on their visages than in their words.
Remove all vegetation and 12 inches of existing material in Pond 1 and Pond 2 as depicted on site plan starting at an elevation of 7.
Chlouveraki said that Syrian mosaics are the richest and greatest in the world due to their sublime technique, wealth of human and natural subjects depicted in them, and their portrayal of lifestyles across various periods, underlining the skill of ancient Syrian craftsmen who were pioneer in this ancient art.
Summary: Dhyan is the journey of concentration and tranquility of the mind depicted using paintings.
From that vantage point, most of the events of the movie are depicted in a never-ending series of flashbacks through the eyes of top-ranking CIA agent Edward Wilson (portrayed by Matt Damon).
Las Posadas: featuring a presentation of the nine-day journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem depicted with singing, a candlelight procession and the breaking of a pinata.
The captain indicated that the EMAS system was not depicted on the airport diagram or the Jeppesen approach plate for the airport.
Another media low-point was hit April 25, 2006, when the free Canadian daily youth newspaper Dose in Toronto depicted a package of "Roman" condoms on its front page, in response to the (false) rumour that the Catholic Church was reconsidering its rejection of the use of condoms.
Thankfully, she is not depicted as the converted prostitute as has been the case in too many such novels and sermons.
For as long as mankind has waged war, the courage and sacrifice of the warriors have been visually depicted by combat artists.
The investigators also didn't count a character as a smoker if the smoking was depicted in a flashback or another scene that didn't occur in the present day.
The prizewinning cartoonists specialize in cleverly depicting metaphors and fantasies as real: Jeremy's mother is shown literally talking her head off, for example, while Jeremy and his father are depicted as sumo wrestlers in a tussle to get Jeremy to put out the garbage.
Ganesha, lord of wisdom and intelligence, is depicted in art as having an elephant's head.
I'm not thinking of ideas, say, which can be depicted through allegory, as European painting has done for centuries.
More than sixty full-color oil and watercolors depicting Morrison's abstract and figurative paintings provide the reader with the basis for appreciating the artist's subtly comic, religious, philosophical, and political viewpoints as depicted in his paintings--some of which are included in the Smithsonian Institution and the Art Institute of Chicago, among other prestigious museums and collections around the country.