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Synonyms for depersonalize

make impersonal or present as an object

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3,4) That being the case, we cannot perpetuate the factory-like institutional environment that inadvertently shames and depersonalizes residents as a routine part of daily life.
And first of all, with each other: Collaborative work both corporealizes and depersonalizes the critical gaze.
Stapleton begins with an analysis of the Amores that sets up the discussion to follow, focusing on the role of the persona within the sequence of poems and the character of the speaker, the desultor amoris "who lies, gossips, bothers the help, sleeps with one's maid, threatens to reveal the affair to one's husband, begs and whines for sex, is physically abusive, boasts, depersonalizes, impregnates, and always, always, always blames" (25-26).
So contract society depersonalizes the other by turning him or her "into an object rather than a subject, into a means rather than an end, and into a thing rather than a person" (p.
Kittler speaks of the "flight of ideas" which depersonalizes and dehumanizes writing: "Man simply died around 1900.