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Synonyms for depersonalize

make impersonal or present as an object

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In the end, technology can depersonalize and "de-professionalize" a physician.
As technology tends to depersonalize service, so too does customer loyalty become weakened ("How Do You Maintain Service Quality .
I've tried to depersonalize politics and take the venom out of it.
There's a fear that technology-based solutions will depersonalize our relationship with customers.
The terms "saves" and "reduction of imbalanced skills" are extreme examples of the new language, but show how far some companies go to depersonalize the negative situation.
Systems that depersonalize us, that make us strangers to each other, may seem more efficient.
Another way of addressing the issue is to ensure all personnel are trained as to the wrongful nature of retaliation and convince supervisors to depersonalize complaints of discrimination.
More importantly, there was a tendency to depersonalize these consumers less than consumers with functional disabilities.
Motives for this leveling likely stem from a need to depersonalize the humanity of the Indian, though museums could be driven by such added material factors as a lack of artifacts or the inability to identify one culture from another.
It is offensive to depersonalize people who have a biologically based disorder.
They also stated that clinicians should resist the trend toward practice patterns that depersonalize care.
Eusebius mentions the women by name and describes them as persons with an identity; but fifth-century historians often leave women unnamed or change the content of their stories, so as to spiritualize, depersonalize, and shame women.