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Synonyms for depersonalize

make impersonal or present as an object

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Many of them became her personal friends so it's always curious that she depersonalised them in her titles.
It's likely what upset your ex-girlfriend was the feeling of becoming depersonalised.
I fear we're carving out for ourselves a very lonely and impersonal world, where everything is on-line, remotely accessible, downloaded and depersonalised, and the high street is boiled down to mobile phone shops and job agencies.
However, there are risks involved in being over-enthusiastic, as winning suppliers may be unable to deliver on promises and buyer-supplier relationships may become depersonalised.
This issue is often depersonalised because it is too uncomfortable for people.
Unfortunately, taken as a whole,it becomes,like all bur eaucracies,a heavy-handed depersonalised soulless and inhumane machine.
I went four or five times last season, but even sitting in front of the screen, on the phone, with an online form book, the job is not really depersonalised by the technology - it's still about knowing your trainers.
When one is unable to find the encompassing tranquillity implicit in religion, it is depersonalised and assumes the form of empty ritual that can be used as a means to blatantly exercise political power.
Enemies, a hate story", Gideon Levy described the coverage of the story as: "Workmanlike overall, if faceless and depersonalised.
Properties need to be depersonalised and presented to the market with neutral colours and contemporary furnishings.