dependent variable

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(statistics) a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value depends on the independent variable

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In this case if you have missing data for a dependent variable of a respondent, you would run a regression of the independent variable(s) and dependent variable for the complete cases.
A multiple regression analysis conducted with cocaine consumption as the dependent variable revealed that GPA and popularity at school, but not CES-D scores, accounted for a significant portion of the variance in adolescent cocaine use, suggesting that adolescents with low GPA and low self-ratings of popularity were more likely to use cocaine (Table 1).
The dependent variable was workers' self evaluation of their degree of frustration with their work situation.
This step requires skill and knowledge of the basic underlying relationship between the dependent variable, sale price, and the independent variables.
Each of these elements is itself a dependent variable that, if it were possible to evaluate it mathematically, would have to be given a different rating in Guatemala and New Zealand, Mississippi and California.
Single-subject research studies should document a causal, or functional, relationship between use of the practice and change in a socially important dependent variable by controlling for the effects of extraneous variables.
The shift in the interpretative framework is such that the contrast of a regression coefficient for a designated category is made to an "average" value for the dependent variable and not to a specified zero coded category.
Prior studies have warned us against interpreting a coefficient in semilogarithmic models as being the proportional change in the dependent variable associated with a unit change in the independent variable.
Thus, the current study observed time on-task as a dependent variable by having three school-psychology graduate students trained in behavioral observations observe each student.
This interpretation is reinforced by the results of the initial factor analyses that suggested the three items (comprising the dependent variable in this paper) represent a distinct practice preference construct.
Thus, we can think of the amount of polymer added as our independent variable x, the filtrate consistency as our basic dependent variable y, and the retention as a transformation y' of y.
A dependent variable will be formed by calculating the ratio of total migrants into each State to the nonmigrant population in each State.
Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test Equation Dependent Variable D (XT, 2) Method: Least Squares Variable Coefficient Std.