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a clause in a complex sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence and that functions within the sentence as a noun or adjective or adverb

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Subordinate conjunctions like because introduce dependent clauses that stay dependent.
While the predicate believe in (1) explicitly describes the mental state whose content is elaborated in the dependent clause, the predicate leave open in (4) does not describe a mental state, and the dependent clause does not describe its content but rather provides adverbial modification.
4) as one independent clause plus any dependent clauses subordinated to or embedded within it, is considered apart from initial capital letter and end punctuation.
The two variants: indirect speech as a main and dependent clause.
The reason is simple: if the coreferential NP in the dependent clause was deleted, then an ambiguity would arise with respect to which entity is referenced to by the zero anaphora NP.
The matrix clause is not considered to be interfering with the dependent clause if what is at issue is the position of the dependent clause with respect to the matrix clause (even when the dependent clause occupies the middle position
It is considered to be a complex sentence, connecting an independent clause '15 birds were sitting on a birdbath' to a dependent clause 'until a cat scared away 7'.
In example (7), the first part, dependent clauses preceded by if, serves to build interest in the reader.
Such statements tend to be grammatically complex having dependent clauses beginning with words such as because .
The grammar section begins with exercises and activities for identifying subjects, verbs, phrases, and clauses, then covers independent and dependent clauses, sentence types, and identifying and fixing sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-ons.
As The San Francisco Chronicle recently phrased it mockingly: "Adding many dependent clauses, one on top of another, to make his many points, so the people can understand the nuance of what he is thinking, without him taking a breath, and to cram as many ideas into one sentence as he can, is what he is known for.
The facility with which Barton creates rhetorical enjambments is readily evident, as is the strong rhythm and music of his lines, built as they are upon a proliferation of well-controlled dependent clauses.
don't go'), just as in most main clauses and unlike in dependent clauses.
The who versus whom cards focused on a limited use of these pronouns: dependent clauses.
Paffenroth's passion for the book's subject is evident, his appreciation for Romero's theological import is impressive, and his reading of the five films under consideration is incisive, but the author's writing style is regularly marred by sentences that, like this opening example, feature too many dependent clauses jammed into one line.